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Caleb Williams would be good fit for Rams: ‘I like to be around younger coaches’

The USC star would be a dream for L.A., but there are draft hurdles to cross first

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl-Tulane at Southern California Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

USC star and 2022 Heisman winner Caleb Williams has been compared to Patrick Mahomes and is one of those rare quarterbacks who easily projects to be a future number one pick in the NFL Draft. While not all prospects deliver on such promise, such as former USC Trojan Matt Barkley, Williams’ resume is a lot stronger than Barkley’s ever was in reality.

And most college football players.

Williams transferred from Oklahoma to USC in 2022, following head coach Lincoln Riley, and he won the Heisman trophy following a 42 touchdown season with only five interceptions, also rushing for 382 yards and 10 more scores. He’s a unique player, one of the top sophomores we’ve ever seen, and even at 6’1 should profile as the number one prospect in the 2024 NFL Draft.

He also has made a move rarely seen by prospects of his level, giving an ideal landing spot already in the NFL: The Miami Dolphins.

In an interview with People magazine, Williams said that he won’t make his decision in the draft until after his junior season, but he wasn’t as shy about which team he’d like to be drafted by most of all. The Dolphins.

“I like to be around younger coaches,” Williams told People regarding where he’d like to land if he entered the 2024 draft. “I’d probably go to the Dolphins. I also would be able to play with Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki. The defense isn’t bad. That’s probably my number one spot.”

It’s great news for Miami. Not so great for Tua Tagovailoa.

The Dolphins don’t hold any first round picks in 2023, so they won’t be able to make any trades this year to acquire extra capital next year, unless they do trade Tua. They also forfeited their 2024 third round pick by tampering with Tom Brady and Sean Payton last year.

The Rams don’t hold a 2023 first round pick either, but if they want to make any efforts to keep Williams in L.A. next year by making another blockbuster move then Les Snead is the right kind of guy to do it. It was seven years ago that the Rams made a huge trade up for another California college quarterback in Jared Goff and Snead could potentially try to make another splash if the team who has the number one pick next year isn’t in the market for a quarterback.

Williams may not have given the Rams a shout out, but Sean McVay and not Mike McDaniel is still the youngest coach in the NFL. Williams would also be the right kind of guy to keep McVay in town, if Snead said that he was willing to go that far in the draft.

Consider some of the teams who might be the worst in the NFL next year and who may not be in the market for a quarterback in the draft: The Colts and Texans (if they draft rookies this year), the Bears, the Cardinals, and you never know when a franchise quarterback might suffer an injury, leading to a one-year collapse, and still return the next season.

Those are probably more likely scenarios than the Rams holding the number one pick themselves, but coming off of a 5-12 season, we can’t rule it out.

The Rams do have potentially big trade chips in the next two years, another factor to consider.

I know a lot of L.A. fans would like to see Williams stay local when he enters the NFL. The Rams may have more to offer him than he currently realizes.