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2023 way too early predictions: Rams and Lions create big headlines in the playoffs

With the NFC wide open, will we see the Lions and the Rams play each other in next year’s playoffs?

NFL: Detroit Lions at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

While the media has already written off the Los Angeles Rams this coming season by highlighting the failed experiment that was Les Snead’s “F them picks” mantra, the majority of those that follow the Rams are prepping themselves for another run at the Lombardi trophy. The core of the team is stable despite a couple of concerning headlines at the end of the regular season and Les Snead seems confident that the team is not rebuilding just quite yet. The NFC also does not have a clear favorite with the Philadelphia Eagles forced to make some tough decision this offseason which means the door is wide open for another “run-it-back” season.

The team that might be in the Rams way of going to their third Super Bowl in five years might just be the team that helped them create headlines just two seasons ago. The Detroit Lions look primed to make a deep playoff run in 2023 with a bevvy of young talent on both sides of the ball and plenty of draft-capital this offseason. They also have LA’s former QB Jared Goff who looked as impressive as ever and earned himself Pro Bowl honors this season.

According the DraftKings Sportsbook the Lions have the 14th best odds to make it to the championship game with the Rams trailing in the 15th position. Detroit just missed the playoffs in 2022 due to LA’s loss to the Seattle Seahawks in the final game of the season.

Imagining Matthew Stafford take on Jared Goff against their former teams to advance in the playoffs has to be one of the most enticing headlines that has me excited for next season. If the dream comes to fruition the matchup would cement the Stafford-Goff trade as one of the most win-win deals in NFL history.

Stafford took on his former team once since being traded to LA and walked away with a 28-19 victory. If the two meet up again in 2023 the teams that line up from one another will be vastly different from the 2021 season.

What are your way-too-early predictions for 2023? Do you think both the Lions and the Rams will be contenders? Let’s discuss in the comments below!