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Where does media rank Rams’ five Super Bowl appearances?

Rams have played some thrillers on Super Bowl Sunday

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NFL: Super Bowl LVI-Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

With the Los Angeles Rams holding the title as defending champs for one more day, it’s time to move on from the glory days. The Rams’ reign has come to an end for a year and that’s okay. Only gives the team added motivation to come out stronger next season.

Super Bowl Sunday is just a day away and before we can move on, let’s explore how the media has ranked the Rams’ appearances in the big game. Between St. Louis and Los Angeles, the Rams have appeared in five Super Bowls, holding a 2-3 record. Some of their Big Game showings have been among the most exciting ever, besides one total dud. More on that dud in a moment.

In this exercise I will be looking at three publications, Athlon Sports, CBS Sports and USA Today to see where they’ve ranked these five appearances.

Super Bowl XIV — vs Pittsburgh Steelers (L, 31-19)

Highest: 13

Lowest: 21

In the Rams’ first Super Bowl appearance, they were David to the Steelers’ Goliath. They held up fairly well, leading 13-10 at halftime and 19-17 heading into the fourth quarter. Pittsburgh scored the final 14 points to put the game away, further cementing their dynasty of the 70s.

Super Bowl XXXIV — vs Tennessee Titans (W, 23-16)

Highest: 6

Lowest: 11

You never forget your first. The then-St. Louis Rams won their first title in team history with one of the most exciting games in NFL history. This one went down to the wire and every yard was crucial, especially the one that prevented the game from going into overtime.

Kurt Warner was named MVP of the game, completing a magical and unexpected title run for the Rams. Warner was the first quarterback to pass for over 400 yards in a Super Bowl. Although he has been surpassed by Tom Brady twice (what else is new?) he still holds one of the highest yardage totals ever.

Super Bowl XXXVI — vs New England Patriots (L, 20-17)

Highest: 8

Lowest: 12

A dynasty formed as a result of this game and it wasn’t the Greatest Show on Turf. The Rams battled back from a 17-3 hole to tie the game up before well, you know. Tom Brady won MVP despite a pedestrian showing and his legacy began on this day while the GSOT’s reign of terror was unfortunately on its way out. This was the last Rams’ Super Bowl appearance until they played the Pats again where, you know.

Super Bowl LIII — vs New England Patriots (L, 13-3)

Highest: 30

Lowest: 33

If it weren’t for all the blowouts in the early days of the Big Game, this one would rank near the bottom. This matchup was such a letdown despite all the hype going in. Sean McVay wasn’t a whiz kid going up against the master. In fact, the angel of death Bill Belichick stuffed McVay into a locker and stole his lunch money, indicating who the true genius would be on this Sunday.

Just where do I begin with this snooze fest? Everything about it was dreadful. What else did you really expect from a game tied 3-3 at the start of the fourth? Jared Goff looked like a deer in headlights. Julian Edelman was allowed to run free all day. Oh, and Maroon 5 stunk too! Not my biggest takeaway but shields me from having to watch this play on a loop:

Super Bowl LVI — vs Cincinnati Bengals (W, 23-20)

Highest: 9

Lowest: 17

Last year’s Super Bowl was the Cooper Kupp show (with special guest stars, Aaron Donald and Von Miller). Kupp was Superman in this game even after OBJ was injured early on. He completed the greatest receiving season of all time. Matthew Stafford got the monkey off his back that he couldn’t win big in the playoffs. Following a repeat bid that was depressing, why not relive this victory one more time? See, I can end things on a happy note.