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Ravens’ strong track record vs NFC could signal trouble for Rams

It’s not just that Baltimore is 3-0 vs NFC, it’s how they’ve gotten there that matters

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ric Tapia/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams should be proud of the three-game winning streak that brought them back to .500 and a 6-6 record. LA has made the most of its young roster and now finds itself on the cusp of the NFC playoff picture. It remains to be seen whether they can carve out a spot in the postseason tournament, but regardless fans of the team should still be encouraged by their performance so far.

Playoff hopes add high stakes to a Week 14 matchup on the road against the Baltimore Ravens. Baltimore’s impressive 9-3 start to 2023 has them tied for first place in the AFC with the Miami Dolphins. With the Kansas City Chiefs unable to figure out their offensive identity and Trevor Lawrence’s health up in the air for the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Ravens must believe they have a realistic shot at the one seed and a first round bye.

A road upset against Baltimore won’t come easy for the Rams, especially considering the Ravens’ track record in three games against other NFC teams so far this season.

In Week 7 the Ravens gave the now 9-3 Detroit Lions fits—earning a 38-6 blowout victory. The Lions’ offense has been as good as any in 2023, but in this contest points were at a rare premium for them. Jared Goff was kept out of the end zone and he threw an interception. There wasn’t much production to be had on the ground, as Detroit was held to an uncharacteristic 84 rushing yards. Lamar Jackson dominated a hot and cold Detroit defense and threw for 357 yards and three touchdowns while adding another 36 yards and a touchdown on the ground.

Detroit Lions v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The next NFC matchup came in Week 8 against the Arizona Cardinals. While the final score of 31-24 suggests this game went down to the wire, Baltimore led 24-7 early in the fourth quarter. The Cardinals scored 17 points that had minimal impact on the outcome of this contest.

In Week 9 the Ravens shut down the Seattle Seahawks and pulled off an impressive 37-3 victory. While the Rams have swept their two regular season matchups with the Seahawks so far this year, Seattle is still capable at 6-6 and are also on the cusp of the NFC playoffs. Similar to Goff a few weeks earlier, the Ravens forced a turnover on Geno Smith and kept him out of the end zone. Jackson wasn’t as prolific individually in this game though the Ravens amassed 298 yards on the ground.

It’s not just that the Ravens are 3-0 against NFC teams so far this year. It’s the fact they’ve dominated games against capable teams like the Lions and Seahawks and then took care of business against the Cardinals. In these three matchups Baltimore has outscored their opponent at an astonishing 106-33 clip.

Next up are the Rams. Can Los Angeles fare better than their NFC counterparts in a game that is of the upmost importance to their playoff hopes?