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Sean Mcvay “loves” what Rams have accomplished, but plenty to clean up

Sean McVay discussed being in contention and the team finding a way to win in post game presser.

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the New York Giants on New Year’s Eve to keep LA’s season alive and well. Nothing is guardenteed, but LA has a chance to make the post season and the head coach, Sean McVay, expresses in this presser that the team has been more or less in playoff mode the last several weeks. LA has had a little room for error, and it hasn’t been pretty, but the team has done enough for the head coach to say he is proud of this team whether they make the playoffs or not. They have been in contention, they are alive in the final week of the season. That is quite the turnaround from last year’s less than stellar campaign.

If you watched the game it wasn’t easy, but a win is a win. Let’s see some of what McVay had to say after the latest victory.

The coach starts off by giving credit to the Giants and their head coach, Brian Daboll. LA did just enough to win, but nowhere near enough to win comfortably. The Giants could’ve had this one. McVay acknoledges that his team was not the sharpest on gameday.

“First of all, a lot of credit to coach Daboll and thee Giants. They gave us everything that we had, and there’s a lot of things that we can learn from. We’re never gonna take for granted...being able to get wins, and there was a lot of things that we tried to do to not win this game today...but our guys found a way,..sometimes you need to be able to have these types of games to increase your sense of urgency. We were a little off.”

However the results are the results and the team should be proud that they notched a NFL win, and locked up another winning season under McVay.

“There’s gonna be a lot of good things that we can look at and correct together...proud of this group.”

The team certainly can look to improve but this might be what the team is. They are inconsistent, they have a spotty special teams unit and it’s hard to see the Rams going very far in the playoffs given the amount of mistakes that this team makes week in and week out. However all that matters is winning. The coach is more or less asked if it matters how the team wins and he give a clear answer.

“No, it doesn’t.”

The coach is asked about LA’s shaky special teams unit, they missed some kicks and gave up a punt return today, and McVay keeps it simple.

“It was tough. There’s a lot of things that we have to be better at.”

The coach goes on to explain that he needs to watch the film and not rush to judgement just yet, however it’s hard to imagine the Rams continuing to roll with the special teams unit as is, but at this point in the season, what choice do they have?

“That wasn’t good enough...there was enough good for us to be able to find a way to win the football game...we’ll take that...we’ll be able to learn from it and move forward accordingly.”

McVay gets asked if the Giants were defensively taking advantage of some of LA’s schemes? The head coach asks for clarification.

“In terms of what?”

The reporter is polite about it, but points out the Rams had nearly game losing turnovers and the Giants seemed to be able to get their blitz going at the right times to stay in the game. McVay gives credit to the Giants for making their plays, but seems to insinuate that his players did not always play in alignment with what McVay may have been trying to dial up. The coach also owns that he probably made some poor playcalls.

“I thought their players executed well, but...there was some things that...we would like to think that we had answers for, clearly they (the Giants) did a better job of executing in some of those situations, but I thought there was a lot of good stuff certainly don’t want to take away from the credit they deserve...for forcing the turnovers, getting some of the sacks...kind was rude the way that I started off that answer. I apologize there...but there are some things that I thought we coul’dve executed better, and then there’s always gonna be situation that I know I can do a better job for our players.”

I really appreciate that McVay does own that his offense wasn’t on top of their game and the question that McVay was asked was fair. Were the Giants keying in on anything the Rams were doing and were they stopping it?

The head coach seems confident in his scheme and the players, but he admits that they need to get better in their coaching and playing if they want to have an even more successful season.

“We gotta be more consistent...I’m excited to be able to go look back it and say ‘Alright where are the things that I could’ve done a better job as well?’ and I want our players to feel that same exact way.”

It was ugly, but LA got the win. They overcame a number of errors. It somewhat hard to believe that LA won this contest.

“For us to be able to come away with a win in spite of everything that occured is really...very abnormal so...that’s where I’m grateful.”

The coach is asked if this win changes how the team will approach their next game against the San Francisco 49ers and or if any of the games left to be played will impact LA’s vision. The head coach says that the Rams have been in playoff mode because every game has seemed like a must win since the bye week, so seemingly the Rams will keep that same approach.

“We’ve basically been in playoff mode.”

At the end of the interview the head coach expressed his pride in what the team has done so far.

“There’s a lot of things that can take place, but I love what this team has done.”

Whether LA makes the playoffs or not, they have themselves in great position. What is exciting for the team and for Rams fans is that the team is still in contention right now, and if they add the right pieces this offseason, it’s easy to imagine them being in an even better situation this time next year, but one thing at a time. Let’s see if LA makes the playoffs, and we’ll go from there. The team will too.

Update: The Los Angeles Rams will be playing in the playoffs at a city and or Television screen near you. McVay sure must love what this team has accomplished.