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Rams-Giants final score: LA wins and that’s all you need to know

There is so much to discuss, but let’s start with this: The Rams won!

Los Angeles Rams v New York Giants Photo by Mike Lawrence/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the New York Giants by a score of 26-25. The Rams were heavily favored in this game, but there had been some signs to show that the Giants would play LA tough. New York did exactly that, and kept themselves in this game throughout the contest. Whether it was turnovers, missed kicks and overall miscues, the Rams allowed the Giants to stay in this game. LA has had had issues with closing games out. Today those issues persisted with the team’s inability to take consistent advantage of ample opportunites.

Last Thursday LA showed up early and often against the New Orleans Saints in their biggest game of the season. Today the Rams had another “biggest game of the season” and they played incredibly flat during stretches, but they did get the win.

The Rams opened up the scoring when Kyren Williams found the endzone. He would do that more than once.

However the Giants would not allow themsevles to be put down. They responded with a score of their own to tie the game.

Matthew Stafford would throw some picks. Demarcus Robinson, who has been playing well for the Rams, lost a fumble, and for whatever reason the Rams could not get out of their own way today. The Giants played hard. Give quarterback Tyrod Taylor and his team the credit they deserve.

Williams, as mentioned above scored a rushing TD to give the Rams the early lead. Williams would continue to put up numbers for LA. Is he the present and future at the running back position for the Rams?

LA’s defense wasn’t perfect, obvioulsy, but they overcame a lot of mistakes made by the offense and special teams to keep the Rams in this one. Let’s be clear, the offense looked formidable a times, but the turnovers and the missed kicks put a dark cloud over what could’ve been a much more dominant performance. Neither the Rams offense or defense were really able to take the game over, and they showed cracks at the wrong times.

Whereas the offense and defense have moments of geunine greatness, LA’s special teams unit left a lot to be desired in this pivotal matchup (and throughout the season).

The Giants had a chance to kick a 50+ yard game winning field goal and Mason Crosby missed it. LA won the game. Barely, but LA wins and their season remains alive.

There will be plenty to talk about this week.