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Rams-Browns final score: L.A. wins third in a row!

The Rams run away from Browns in 4th quarter, get back into playoff picture

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cleveland Browns by a final score of 36-19 and improved their record to 6-6 with three straight wins. Each team needed this win to try and stay relevant in what has been a tight playoff race throughout the league. The defenses showed up to play in this one as both the Rams and Browns were forced to punt often. In some ways it came down to a duel between Matthew Stafford and Joe Flacco with the Rams quarterback coming out ahead by the end.

Despite an injury scare for star rookie Puka Nacua, the rookie had another huge performance and ended up returning to close out L.A.’s sixth win of the season.

How did the Rams end up beating the Browns by 17 points? Here’s how it went down:

Cleveland would up the scoring with a touchdown strike to Jerome Ford.

After that score the Rams defense wouldn’t allow another touchdown until the fourth quarter. During that stretch the Rams were able to put up some points. Stafford would connect with Puka Nacua for LA’s first touchdown of the game.

Nacua left the game for a bit and seemed to get injured, but he was able to return. He had a huge today.

LA played played well enough to go in the fourth quarter with a lead. However the Rams weren’t able to build a big enough lead to put the Browns out of this game. Cleveland’s defense very much kept their team in this one. There is nothing to take away from the Browns defense. They are a great unit, but the Rams also had some self-inflicted penatlies like false starts and holding calls. The Rams didn’t play their cleanest game, but they did play a complete game.

The Browns were able to hang around and Flacco played well enbough to give his a team opportunities to win but in the fourth quarter Flacco threw an interception.

It was the first defensive turnover of the game, and it was a huge momentum boost for the Rams. Cleveland had suprisingly missed an extra point earlier in the game, which is why they had 19 points and not 20, but the Browns had a real chance to take a lead on this drive and instead the Rams defensse came up big.

LA would capitalize on that mistake in a huge way when Stafford would connect with Cooper Kupp for a touchdown. The Rams still did not lead by two scores, but they did lead by eight points. Putting a lot of pressue on the Browns.

With under four minutes to go in the fourth quarter, the Browns had the ball and needed a touchdown and two point conversion to tie. Flacco’s pass would be knocked away on a fourth and five with less and three minutes to go, and that would more or less seal the victory for the Rams.

LA has won three game in a row. They are not only alive in the playoff hunt, but are relevant. This season hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been a better campaign than last year’s. Blame the injuries, blame whatever you want, but this team has more wins than they had last season and they still have five games to go. How good is this Rams team? We’re going to learn a lot when they travel to take on the Baltimore Ravens in Week 14.