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Reverse Q & A: 2024 Rams free agents edition

Who do fans want the Rams to re-sign and who are they willing to let walk in free agency?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Once not considered to have that many difficult decisions, the Los Angeles Rams list of 2024 free agents is now potentially going to cost the franchise a lot more money than expected to keep for the future. That’s thanks to Les Snead and Sean McVay’s ability to identify under-valued talent on the free agent and trade market and then to coach them up to being starters in a league that had left some of them behind.

That’s including names like Ahkello Witherspoon, Kevin Dotson, Demarcus Robinson, and John Johnson, who has two interceptions and five passes defensed since becoming a starter again five weeks ago.

Can the Rams afford to keep their steals? The luxury tax of a job well done in bargain hunting is that you have to pay them again...and now you’re probably over-paying some of them for a career season.

In Reverse Q and A, I don’t answer questions, I ask them to you: The collective knowledge of the tens of thousands of people who read Turf Show Times will always be far greater than what I’ll ever know. So I am here to learn about the L.A. Rams from you and what you’ll want to teach me about the team, the roster, and the franchise.

I’ll post questions about the 2024 free agents down in the comments section below, you reply with your answers. The highest-rated answers (hit the rec button if you like an answer) will be re-posted in a future article and highlighted for their greatness.

So scroll down to keep reading the questions on who you would keep—and how much you’d be willing to pay them—among the 2024 Rams free agents.