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Which team besides the Rams would you want to see win a Super Bowl?

In a strange NFL season, every playoff team has a chance to hoist a Lombardi Trophy

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

Football fans have no doubt been treated(?) to one of the strangest NFL seasons in recent memory. There hasn’t been a single player running away with the MVP award chase, there has been a star quarterback injury epidemic and anytime a team seemingly resembles a contender, they get end up losing.

So, what should anyone make of this wildly unpredictable 2023 season?

Anything can happen between now and the Super Bowl. Heck, even America’s Team could show their sorry faces in the Big Game for the first time since the 90s. (I didn’t mean that football gods, please don’t have this come true.) Speaking of the Super Bowl, the Los Angeles Rams have a chance to get there in such an odd year. I’m not expecting it of course as they have to reach the playoffs first. However, I refuse to count out anyone, not in the “Year of the Backup.”

My question for you Turf Show Ramily, is who besides the Rams would you like to see win a Super Bowl this season?

After seeing Joe Flacco shredding the offseason champion Jets with the Cleveland Browns, they would be my pick. It would appear I’m not alone in this thinking.

I’m all-in for a chaotic debate. If you thought the Matthew Stafford HOF arguments were a crapshow, just imagine if Flacco took the Browns all the way to Las Vegas in February. That is one debate that is sure as hell not staying in Vegas. Of course my conscience wouldn’t feel completely pure as Deshaun Watson would earn a ring with the rest of the team if the Browns won the title.

Regardless, Cleveland is a simply a fun team to root for. The veteran quarterback is having a blast straight off the couch and the rest of his teammates are enjoying his presence. Flacco is putting up historic production since his first start against the Rams in Week 13.

LA fans I would like to hear from YOU! Assuming the Rams don’t make it to the Super Bowl this season, which team would you be perfectly fine with seeing win a championship?

Or if you throw down your Uno reverse card, who could you not possibly stomach hoisting the Lombardi Trophy? In my professional opinion, the 49ers should be the only right answer to that question but I’ll keep an open mind.

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Go ahead a drop a team’s name in the comments and why you do or don’t want that particular team to win a Super Bowl.