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Rams playoff odds take massive swing if they beat or lose to Giants

If the Rams don’t beat the Giants, their season will be on the line in San Francisco next week

NFL: Washington Commanders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have a 72% swing on their playoff odds depending on if they beat or lose to the New York Giants on Sunday: The Rams will have 87% chance to make the playoffs if they win and a 15% chance if they lose.

That’s almost as close as you can get to Week 17’s contest against the Giants being a playoff game.

According to the New York Times playoff predictor, the Rams will improve their current odds of 66% by beating New York to 87% and that’s absent any other results this week. However, if the Seahawks lose to the Steelers, that alone will increase L.A.’s odds to 76%.

The Rams will clinch a playoff berth if they win and the Seahawks lose or the Vikings-Packers tie.

If the Rams lose to the Giants, their odds drop to 15%. The only thing that would soften the blow is if Pittsburgh beats Seattle, in which case their odds go up to 23%. Still not very good, so the Rams have to beat the Giants.

If the Rams lose to the Giants and the Seahawks lose to the Steelers, L.A. can still clinch the playoffs next week by beating the 49ers in the season finale. However, San Francisco is poised to play all of their starters in Week 18, unless they can clinch the number one seed this week. The 49ers can only clinch the number one seed if they beat the Commanders and both the Lions and Eagles lose; the Lions play the Cowboys and the Eagles play the Cardinals.

Though San Francisco could win and Detroit could lose, it is not likely that Arizona would beat Philadelphia.

So it is most probable that the 49ers will go all-out to win in Week 18, which brings up another complication.

If the Rams lose this week, then their odds of making the playoffs drop to 3% if they lose to the 49ers in Week 18. That essentially means that L.A. will be playing for their lives if they get upset by the Giants, a team that could be a little more fired up and prepared after switching from Tommy DeVito to Tyrod Taylor at quarterback.

If nothing else, it shows that head coach Brian Daboll is intent on trying to win the last two games, even though the Giants are eliminated from the playoffs. There would be no reason to start Taylor over DeVito unless you were just trying to wipe off the embarrassment of the season by winning the last two.

It doesn’t mean that the Giants are good now. But New York did get a spark when Taylor replaced DeVito against the Eagles last week, outscoring Philadelphia 22-13 in the second half after Daboll made the change.

If the Rams don’t beat the Giants, their season is on the line in San Francisco next week with the 49ers trying to earn the bye.

So if the stakes for Sunday were not big enough, 15% to 87%, they’re that much greater with added context of what happens if the L.A. Rams don’t take care of business against the Giants.