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Rams were smart not to re-sign Von Miller back in the 2022 offseason

Miller has failed to replicate his success with the Rams since leaving LA

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

At the 2021 NFL trade deadline, the Los Angeles Rams traded for future Hall of Famer Von Miller in a blockbuster move that eventually pushed LA over the top. Miller had four sacks during the playoffs, including two in the Super Bowl that enabled the Rams to put away the pesky Cincinnati Bengals.

Los Angeles had a chance to re-sign him the following offseason but was way outbid by the Buffalo Bills who signed him to a six-year, $120 million deal. Von’s debut with the Bills came during the 2022 season opener against his old team at SoFi Stadium. Initially, letting Miller walk appeared to be a very bad look for general manager Les Snead.

Instead, Snead and the Rams have to be feeling pretty damn smart as Buffalo is probably experiencing some buyer’s remorse at the moment. Miller has failed to become much of an impact player with his current team.

After recording eight sacks and 12 QB hits in ‘22, the All-Pro defender has failed to register a sack and only has three total tackles in 11 games this season. He has also played just 32 percent of the snaps on defense.

In all fairness, Von is working his way back from a torn ACL he suffered last December and was activated off IR on October 7. Still, it’s not a great look when a backup defensive tackle has more sacks than one of the NFL’s all-time greatest sack masters.

Back in January, TST’s own Kenneth Arthur wrote about how hesitating in re-signing Miller was warranted as the veteran would’ve been just another ‘22 injury casualty. Given the state of the Rams last year, the roster couldn’t afford to have an aging player on a premium contract missing extensive time. Fair or not, Miller is clearly not a Defensive Player of the Year candidate anymore. With troubling assault allegations that have yet to be resolved, LA was very fortunate Von chased the guaranteed money Buffalo offered.

I will make it very clear that the goal of this post is not to throw Miller under the bus. It’s simply worth pointing out that sometimes the best contracts are the ones not taken. LA is in a better spot with younger contributors on defense who will be part of the foundation for years to come. Miller was never going to be more than a rental in Hollywood as teams are always willing to take a chance on a player with his resume, regardless of age.

The Bills took that gamble and lost.

But that is not an excuse for certain members of the fanbase to rub the bad contract in the Bills’ noses. Von Miller commands respect for his contributions to the Rams during his brief stay as LA would not have won a ring without him.