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Head coach Sean McVay applauds Demarcus Robinson and his impact for the Rams

McVay discusses the Rams hitting stride and expectations to keep it going.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Sean McVay was able to take some time to address the media as the Los Angele Rams prepare to play the New York Giants in Week 17 of the NFL season. McVay discussed a number of topics including the emergence of Demarcus Robinson, who has four touchdowns in his last four games. McVay says that Robinson has been fun to watch, and overall the coach emits the sense that LA has been playing it’s best football the last few weeks, with a chance to play their best football in the weeks to come.

The head coach talks about Robinson and his impact for the Rams, especially lately. McVay more or less expresses that this didn’t happen overnight as Robinson has been putting in the work and preparation all year long to get to this point.

“I think I’ve seen consistent work ethic...he’s been so steady, so consistent throughout the course of the year.”

The head coach sure gives off the impressionn that Robinson has been fitting in with LA’s offensive scheme.

“He’s a big time contributor both with the ball, and then without the ball...I think he and Matthew, there’s a really comfortable rapport.”

Then the head coach gives what might be his highest praise.

“Been really pleased with him.”

It will be interesting to see if Robinson can keep up this level of play, and or where he goes in the offseason. Will he play himself out of LA being able to re-sign him?

LA can worry about the future later, right now they have their team, and they need to prep to play the Giants. New York has a 5-10 record, but can absolutely steal one away from LA if they don’t show up to play four quarters.

“They’re a real challenge to be able to prepare for, and they’ve got really good players, and so...some of the stretches they’ve played excellent football. They’re taking the football away and that’s leading to winning games, they’re very seems like every time you flip it on somebody is making an impact type of play for their defense...”

As good as the Giants have been at times, it is the Rams have looked like one of the best teams in the NFL. What has led to LA’s resurgence since their bye week break?

“Better football. More quality football, more complimentary, you know I like what we’ve done, and...being able to kind of just play off one another, defensively and offensively. Some things that we can always improve upon in all three phases...”

The team has been jelling throughout the season, and at this point they seem to be playing with strong continuity. McVay notes that it took the team playing in real NFL games to get to this point, and that makes sense. The young team is still learning how to put games away in the final moments, but the Rams are now winning the type of games that earlier in the season they were losing.

“You don’t get better at football unless you play it, or unless you do it at full speed, you know, it’s really important to be able to maximize the above the neck settings. Especially later in the year, but to be able to have a situation arise where you have a Thursday game...then it ends up enabling you to have a few days, get some good time with their ends up acting as an aditional bye...let’s continue on with some of the momentum that they’ve created.”

Another facet of LA’s latest success has been due to quarterback Matthew Stafford arguably playing as well as he ever has for the Rams. The quarterback has fought through injuries and a molding offensive line, but at this point Stafford seems to be allowing the young LA team to reach new heights.

“I don’t even think the stats do justice to what an impact he’s making on our team...that’s saying a lot because I know the stats are really impressive.”

With Stafford, McVay is able to call his game plan, and with the other pieces like Kyren Williams and Puka Nacua, it’s working.

“The things that he enables us to do offensively that you wouldn’t be able to do with other quarterbacks.”

Can’t help but wonder how much longer Stafford will be able to keep up this level of play, but he is showing little signs of slowing down during his latest stretch. The Rams have to be liking what they are seeing for their veteran QB.

“He’s elevating coaches and players.”

The trade for Stafford paid for itself with the Super Bowl win. If LA can find more success with Stafford and if the Rams can properly plan for his inevitable retirement, then that trade may look even better than orginally anticipated.

As LA continues to build towards a bright future, they sit at this point in the season with a real shot at making the postseason, and playing beyond Week 18. LA still has plenty of work to do, including a regular season showdown with the San Francisco 49ers in the final week of the season.

The Rams haven’t clinched anything yet, but they have a chance to this weekend. We’ll find out if McVay and the Rams can keep the winning train rolling.