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Rams fans can thank Baker Mayfield for last season and maybe this season too

Baker Mayfield led some dramtic Rams wins last season, and he could be helping LA have a dramatic finish now.

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Los Angeles Rams v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

Baker Mayfield and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers helped the Los Angeles Rams immensely as Mayfield put up a historic performance in Lambeu Field over the Green Bay Packers. I think plenty of Rams fans should have a soft spot for Baker. He really breathed life into Sean McVay and the Rams in what was basically a lost season last year.

Last year was last year though, and this is now. Mayfield’s most recent victory allows the Rams to secure a playoff spot with at least three games to go. That loss places the Packers on the outside looking in. This can all change vastly over the final three weeks, but for right now LA basically had the perfect weekend in terms of their playoff chances.

The Rams have more work to do and a potential playoff spot does not mean anything compared to a real playoff spot. At the same time, this team should be proud. They are fighting, they are in contention and the future looks promising. That’s great news for McVay and Les Snead, but what the team wants even more than a promising future is a promising present. A playoff spot really would be the best of both worlds. Win or lose, a number of players should benefit from playing in what could potentially be their first playoff game.

LA will take on the New Orleans Saints this week and that game could very well decide whether the Rams can maintain steam to play past Week 18 or not. Next week, Week 17, Mayfield and the Buccaneers will take on the Saints. This all to say that Mayfield can help LA again in a couple weeks as the Saints and Rams are both fighting to make the playoffs.

Of course LA should focus on their own games, but it’s nice to see Mayfield having success. If his success can hep the Rams too, that’s even better for LA’s playoff hopes.