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Sean McVay ‘not surprised’ Rams currently have a playoff spot

The head coach is happy where his team is at, but knows there’s more work to do.

Washington Commanders v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay reacted after his team defeated the Washington Commanders by a final score of 28-20. The head coach is asked about the fact that right now the Rams have a playoff spot, but the coach feels there is plenty of football left. The story is not yet written as LA still has three games to play including one this Thursday against the New Orleans Saints. Plenty of teams are still trying to make a playoff spot, and LA needs to keep winning to keep pace in an open NFC playoff race.

The head coach relfects on his team needing to keep it going and more in the latest press conference. Let’s see some of what the coach had to say and please feel free to comment below!

The head coach starts by expressing his pride in the team’s ability to gut out a win today. LA had control of the game early and often, and despite some of the miscues, the Rams seemed to handle this game fairly comfortably. Of course, this game could’ve gone a different direction, but LA closed it out. A win is a win.

“You don’t take wins for granted in this league. A lot of credit goes to Washington I thought they battled, the way they made it interesting, but man there’s so many things that we can learn from and’s a lot easier to be able to learn when you find a way to win...”

The growing team still has much to learn. One of the key areas of improvement could be Kyren Williams’s ability to hold onto the football. Williams lost two fumbles in this game. Raheem Morris’s defense didn’t allow points after either turnover, but it’s not exactly a winning strategy.

McVay seems to expect Kyren to put the fumbles behind him.

“I got a lot of confidence in him...those are very correctable things...he’s a great player...he’l learn from it.”

Regardless of putting the ball on the ground twice, Williams had a solid game overall and the head coach comments that Williams really has been an impact player for the Rams over the course of the season, and expresses that the young running back impacted this game positively as well.

On the other sideline was Terry McLaurin who more or less almost willed his team to a comeback.

“McLaurin’s a really good player...I think there’s some learning opportunties we can have...from our coaches and our players.”

Derion Kendrick, defensive back for the Rams, gave up a coupe big plays to McLaurin, but McVay doesn’t express much worry to the media. He simply says those types of things happen in the NFL. McVay seems to expect the coaches and players to learn from it.

“When you’re asking guys to be able to matchup, sometimes it doesn’t go down for you, but it’s always about the response. There’s a lot of things that we can all do better together.”

Ahkello Witherspoon, who’s been a having a nice season at defensiveback for the Rams, left this game with an apparent injury. His departure may have also allowed Washington’s passing attack to open up a bit.

“We missed him towards the end of the game for sure.”

Hopefully LA can get him back soon.

In the meantime LA will have to get ready during a short week for a big matchup against the Saints on Thursday night prime time football. Will the Rams be ready to go?

“It’s more about the players, and as I was walking in here, there’s a lot of guys that are already starting that recovery process. We got the guys that are wired the right way mentally and physically to be able to turn over.”

It’s about the players absolutely, but it’s the NFL so it’s certainly about the coaches too. Hopefully everything can come together so that the Rams are ready to roll in a few days.

“We’ve got a do a good job of coaches of putting together a tight clear plan that still gives us a chance to go execute against a team that’s in a very similar situation to us.”

As mentioned at the top. McVay isn’t putting too much stock into LA having a playoff spot right now. Is it a good thing? For sure. Will it matter if LA can’t close out the season the right way? It might not, so the coach seems to feel that neither he or the team should get too excited just yet.

“100%. I mean...unless you told me the season ended right doesn’t mean anything to me. So, how we move forward and how we handle our business over the next, you know, 72 hours and then leading into the game on Thursday is what’s most important, but love this group, love the opportunity for us to be able to learn. Especially after being able to get the victory that those guys did a good job of.”

Now did the Rams play perfect game today? The simple answer is no, but they did grind out a win. In a results oriented business, that is what matters the most.

“When you’re playing really well...we should’ve had a lot more points then what we did today. I mean we moved the ball at will. You don’t punt in the first half, you have two turnovers that are scoring opportunities...we missed a field goal in range that we should never take anything for granted, but I thought the guys did a good job.”

McVay states that he could’ve made some better playcalls, specially in the red zone area at the start of the game.

“I thought I did a really poor job in some of my playcalling.”

The coach expresses that everyone, the players and coaches, are in this together.

“We’re all in this thing together.”

Hopefully the team can continue to go up from here. The head coach is asked again about the Rams having a playoff spot, and the head coach expresses confidence that the team is where they should be: In the playoff hunt. Of course, until that spot is officially earned the team should continue to take things one game at a time.

“I’m not surprised, but the story isn’t written yet. You know...just like what we talked about a couple minutes ago. If the season ended right now, you know, you’re excited, but man there’s a lot of football left, and there’s a lot of teams that are in contention...let’s see what the hell we can do moving forward against a great a challenge on Thursday, but I love working with this group. I like the steadiness and do be 4-1 coming off of the bye the way that they’ve played...let’s see if we can go get our fifth in a great challenge against the Saints.”

It’s December in the NFL season, and every game is big for this Rams team. They’ll face another test this Thursday. After that game they’ll get some time to rest and recover before they push through the final two games of the regular season. Will LA play past Week 18? Stay tuned to find out.