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Why these NFC playoff hopefuls are rooting for the Rams to lose this week

The Rams need to lose for these teams to clinch their playoff berth

NFL: London Games-Jacksonville Jaguars at Buffalo Bills Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even when they’re not on the top, the Los Angeles Rams continue to be public number enemy one, in some ways. Specifically, a Rams win over the Commanders in Week 15 would help no team except the Rams. And a Rams loss to the Commanders, according to the most recent playoff scenarios would help the Cowboys, Lions, Eagles, and 49ers. San Francisco will clinch the NFC West with a win or a Rams loss, all the more motivation for L.A. to win.

Time for the L.A. Rams to play spoilers and get themselves closer to the postseason.

All four of those teams are hoping that the Rams lose, as it will help them get closer to the playoffs.

The 49ers, the first team to clinch a playoff berth this season, will clinch the NFC West with a win or a Rams loss.

The Eagles will clinch a playoff berth if they beat the Seahawks, but they would also be helped by an L.A. loss in addition to other outcomes.

The Lions need to win to clinch a playoff berth and they need help. For example, a Lions win coupled with losses by the Seahawks and Rams, will clinch for Detroit.

And the Cowboys can win to clinch a playoff berth, but they would also clinch if both the Rams and Seahawks lose.

The Cowboys play the Bills; the Lions play the Broncos’ the Eagles play the Seahawks; and the 49ers play the Cardinals.

The Rams can’t clinch the playoffs with a win, they are among a bunch of 6-7 teams in the NFC. But getting to 7-7 would get them closer and could put them back into the playoff picture with three weeks left.