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Sean McVay praises Kendall Fuller as Rams prepare for Commanders

Fuller is the only player left on the Commanders from McVay’s time in Washington.

NFL: Washington Redskins-OTA Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Head coach Sean McVay did his usual Wednesday press conference as the Los Angeles Rams prepare to take on the Washington Commanders. In this one he praises his own team and that’s pretty normal, but it was when he praised Kendall Fuller, defensive back for the Commanders, that my ears perked up a bit. Fuller is apparently the last remaining player from McVay’s time as a coach in Washington. The franchise he worked for before becoming head coach of the LA Rams. McVay refers to Fuller as a “stud” and says “I appreciate him.”

It’s an interesting moment because so much has changed since McVay’s time with that organization. It’s easy to think about all the controversy surrouding former owner, Dan Snyder. We SHOULD think about those things, and we should consider that horrible bossess don’t always make for horrible employees. McVay will have friends and people that he cares about on the opposite sideline come Sunday, including Fuller. Apparently the only player left on the team from McVay’s stint there.

I wanted to point this out because these figures, as larger than life as they are, are real people, with real relationships and real connections. By gametime’s end come Sunday, the only thing that will matter to fans is which team won. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s midweek so let’s take a moment and appreciate the people that bring us so much entertainment. McVay certainly can.

Please watch the press conference below and or read about what else the head coach had to say as LA prepares during Week 15 of the NFL season.

Brass tacks. Are the Rams ready to take on Washington after the gutwrenching loss to the Baltimore Ravens? The head coach more or less says that wins and losses really don’t matter because either way a team needs to get ready for the next week. The best way to do that is to stay consistent, and not get too high or too low. The coach remains steady.

“The challegning part whether you end up coming up short or whether you end up finishing the job, you know, you gotta be able to move forward into the next week and do a great job with the preparation and I think...that’s not something I’m concerned about at all...these opportunities that they’ve earned for these games to mean something in December...what a great chance for us to try and see if we can go get our seventh win.”

Another challenge for the Rams is that they play the Commanders on Sunday and then have to prepare for the New Orleans Saints for Thursday Night Football. That’s a quick turnaround for what is maybe the most physical team sport in the world. However the schedule has been made, and the Rams have to prepare to play two games in a five day span, whereas Washington is coming to play the Rams fresh off their bye week.

“It doesn’t really change much. You know, this late in the season, you know you always want to be cognizant...what your weekly rythm looks like, and how you adjust and alterate it. Our Wednesday rythm, you’ve scene we’ve started to change it up a little bit. Tomorrow we get after it and Friday it’s kind of an in-between deal, and so you’re not naive to the fact that that’s coming up on the horizon, but we want to just be in the moment. Be totally present. They’ll be some things that we’ll do right after the game...then the schedule will obviously be altered and adjusted, but we’ve gotta be able to go handle our business against a tough team this week.”

The coach is asked about the Commanders’s defense and some of the inefficencies the team has been dealing with regarding that unit. Washingon is 4-9 and the record reflects a team that has been struggling, but most teams in the NFL win and lose close games. With that in mind there are some games that almost certainly could’ve gone Washinton’s way but didn’t. The reality of it is there are no weeks off in the NFL. “The worst” team in the league can beat the “best team” in the league on any given Sunday. That’s part of what makes this sport so special You never know until you know.

Washington might be 32nd ranked in pass defense. What does that mean for McVay and the Rams?

“You don’t get into that. The film is what talks to me. I think sometimes stats can be really inflated,..very misleading based on, you know, how some games unfold, that is in alignment with back and forth or sometimes gets out of always let the tape talk to you the most...those can be sometimes beneficial guidelines, but I don’t see those types of things when I flip the tape on this defense. The challenging thing to is you look at it as...they’re coming off their bye, got good personell, you know Coach Rivera is calling it, in terms of coordinatintg the defense, and there’s been one game of inventory. There’s a core philosophy and he’s had a lot of success over the course of his career as a defensive coach...that’s why he got to be a head coach...they’ll be some different things that they’ll have that we’ll have to be prepared for...I don’t put too much merit into that kinda of stuff.”

The Commanders are a NFL team with NFL caliber talent. We’ve sean McVay and his Rams lose to “lesser” opponents before. LA better come correct if they want to win this game and keep pace in the NFC playoff picture.

“When you flip on the tape this is a really good football team that has a lot of...challegning things that they present both from a personsell standpoint and from a schematic standpoint.”

McVay is then asked if he knows any players or coaches from his time in Washington and the head coach does identify a few names and says that he still has really good friends that he made from his time there, and people that he still talks to. When it comes to former players there is only one left, and that is Kendall Fuller.

“Not many...not any players left, but there still is some staff members...there’s a lot of new faces...Kendall Fuller...he’s the only one..,and he’s a stud so...I really appreciate him. It’s cool to see what he’s done with his career.”

I have no idea what Fuller’s contract situation is or if it would make sense, but it would be interesting if Fuller somehow wound up playing underneath McVay as Ram.

In the meantime LA needs to prepare for quarterback Sam Howell. who’s passed for over 3400 yards this year, while leading the league in sacks taken. McVay talks about his respect for Howell and preparing for Washington. He brings up a great point that the Commanders and Rams have played quite a few of the same teams this year because the NFC West took on the NFC East this season. So both teams have studied each divisional opponent and both teams have studied each other. That can make for a lot of tape to study and for some interesting football.

“We’ve crossed over with them a lot because there’s been a lot of similar opponents, so even when you’re just getting ready from an offensive perspective looking at the other team’s defense...the Washington offense has been in a lot of our breakdowns and you see him (Howell) and you’re thinking ‘Man this guys making a lot of plays.’ He’s doing a lot of really impressive things both on schedule and off see what the people and the players and that organization, you know, have such believe in him and he’s put a lot of really good stuff on tape...he’s dangerous as hell for sure.”

Anything can happen, but it’s going to be tough for this game to live up to last week’s Rams-Ravens game. I don’t know if that was the game of the year, but it’s probably up there. It may have been the most exciting Rams game this season, even though they lost. If LA can find a way to win this game then they are setting themsevles up for potentially more excting games to come. We’ll see what happens.