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Communication on offense must improve if Rams make the playoffs

Miscommunication near end of regulation contributed to upsetting loss to Ravens

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams were oh-so close to tasting 7-6 but it was not meant to be as they fell 37-31 in overtime against the Baltimore Ravens. Following the heartbreaking loss, some fans were pointing out that the Rams were robbed once again by the refs on the game-winning punt return.

Here’s a closer look at the play in real time:

While I agree the play by the Ravens’ special teamer appeared to be a block in the back, I’m not out to fault the refs for the final result. I’m afraid the officiating crew gets a slight pass this week, so you can breathe easy zebras! Don’t think you’ll get off so easy next week. Instead, this loss should be pinned on the coaching staff, at least on their communication issues on offense in the final minute of regulation.

On LA’s game-tying drive with the offense on Baltimore’s 18-yard line, the Rams needed to convert a 3rd-and-6 with 16 seconds left in the fourth quarter. Prior to the snap, Los Angeles was forced to use their final timeout which Sean McVay was not happy about.

Matthew Stafford threw an incompletion after the Ravens took a timeout of their own and LA was forced to settle for a 36-yard field goal.

All coaching staffs have blunders with time management every once in a while. What makes this mistake inexcusable and fairly avoidable is how McVay has been a head coach since 2017. These types of blunders should not be happening, especially in a game of this magnitude.

The Rams had Baltimore on their toes and instead of coming away with a signature win, the team is returning home with their heads down wondering WTF just happened. Jourdan Rodrigue of The Athletic took to social media after the game and said that technological issues were to blame for the critical miscommunication.

Look, technology happens so not every issue that happens on the field is unavoidable. What McVay and the offense need to work on this week is how to get plays in faster to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances in the future. Again, I realize technology happens but it’s impossible to anticipate everything, unless you’re prime Bill Belichick. Yet that miscommunication sucked the air out of the Rams as it haunted them on their lone overtime drive.

That miscommunication, including penalties must be cleaned up if this team has any hopes of making the postseason.

As proven in Week 14, those errors regardless of size, go a long ways towards deciding the final outcome. It hurt the Rams against the Ravens and Sean McVay has his work cut out for him to stop the bleeding from getting worse.