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Rams-Ravens final score: LA loses a heartbreaker in Baltimore

The Rams played well, but the Ravens played better.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Baltimore Ravens Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams (6-7) lost to the Baltimore Ravens (10-3) by a final score of 37-31. Matthew Stafford and Lamar Jackson both showed up for this game, and overall the two teams performed well. Both teams seem prepared for the wet conditions, and this game could have gone either way as neither team could seemingly close the door on the other. One team would score and the other team would respond, one team would make a play on defense and the other team would make a play on offense or special teams. There are no moral victories in the NFL, but both teams put out plenty of good flim today.

The Rams technically opened up the scoring with a Lucas Havrisik field goal, but it would be the Ravens who would secure the first touchown of the day.

LA would respond and score their first touchdown with a beautiful throw from Stafford to Cooper Kupp.

There’s been a buzz about the future of Kupp in LA, but after a game like to today I think it’s fair to say Rams fans are still happy he’s with Sean McVay and company.

Not to be outdone, “friend” of Kupp and former Super Bowl champion with the Rams, Odell Backam Jr. who connected with Cooper before the game:

Had something to say after the Kupp touchdown shown above:

Despite the adverse weather conditions, both quarterbacks threw the ball fairly well today and this game was a shootout for some stretches.

Both teams were answering each others all and showing up while keeping themselves in the game. Nether team really was able to run away with a lead throughout the first three quarters. This was a tight hard fought game, and both teams clearly wanted to have this one.

The Rams offense seemed to stall out after half time as the team really didn’t sustain any drives and didn’t score on offense in the third quarter. The Rams defense was able to secure a safety, but all of the sudden it seemed like LA was not playing the complimentary football that had kept them in the game up to this point.

Los Angeles looked sloppy for portions of the fourth quarter including a rare Puka Nacua drop and Austin Trammell fumbled a punt, but was able to jump back on the ball. For whatever reason, unlike the last couple contests, LA was seemingly not playing their best ball in the second half. However this team has somewhat been a total mystery throughout the season, and when the team looked like they were out of ideas, LA was able to find a new gear with less than six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter.

Is Stafford playing at a pro bowl level this year? You tell me.

LA would try to convert a two point conversion but would fall short. Baltimore had the ball with plenty of time and needed a touchdown for the lead. The Ravens moved the ball and found themselves in scoring position with a chance to take the lead at the two minute warning. On a third and 17, Jackson would do just that.

Stafford continued his solid level of play and led the Rams to a field goal to tie the game 31-31, and this dramtic game continued into overtime.

The Ravens won the toss and chose to receive setting them up to win with a touchdown. The Rams defense bounced back from their last outing on the field and were able to force a Baltimore punt, setting LA up to win with any score. Instead the Rams would be forced to punt once again setting up Baltimore to walk off with a score.

The Ravens would do exactly that and walk off the game with a touchdown after the LA punt. Rams lose 37-31.