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Random Ramsdom: Who is Rams biggest hitter of all-time?

Is Deacon Jones the biggest, more fearsome hitter in the history of the Rams?

NFL: USA TODAY Sports-Archive Tony Tomsic-USA TODAY Sports

Is Deacon Jones the most feared defensive player and biggest hitter in the history of the Rams franchise? This website says so:

“You take all the offensive linemen and put them in a burlap bag, and then you take a baseball bat and beat on the bag. You’re sacking them, you’re bagging them. And that’s what you’re doing with a quarterback,” stated Jones.

Unofficially, Jones sacked quarterbacks 173.5 times, which would rank third all-time. While he never used a baseball bat as he described in his quote, he did use the head slap against opposing linemen. He would knock them upside the head before going after the quarterback.

The move was so violent that the NFL outlawed it two years after Jones retired.

Now that’s not the type of quote you get from players any more these days.

I know for a fact that the community at Turf Show Times is full of fans who have been following the Rams for decades, from their first trip in Los Angeles to their stay in St. Louis and back again, so I would rather hear from you than anyone else.

Who do you think is the biggest Rams hitter in franchise history?

Let us know in the comments below.

Aaron Donald could be the most-feared player in franchise history. He’s just that devastating to opposing linemen and it has been that way for 10 years straight. Is he technically the “biggest hitter” though?

I’m sure you can also think of some safeties and linebackers in team history who knew how to lay down the law.

Let us know.