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Is Rams offense better now than it was year before winning Super Bowl?

Rams offense is eerily similar to where they stood in 2020

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As difficult as this season has been to endure for most of the last two months, is it possible that the L.A. Rams offense is better now than it was the year before they won the Super Bowl?

Statistically speaking, it has been for the most part despite the fact that the Rams went 10-6 in 2020 and are currently 3-6 with eight games to go. For the most part, L.A. has been fairly average in most offensive categories and it is the defense that could be slightly more responsible for the losing record.

For that reason, offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur’s job may not be in jeopardy even though the Rams are averaging under 20 points per game.

2020: 22nd in points, 25th in points per drive, 11th in yards

2023: 21st in points, 14th in points per drive, 16th in yards

In some basic categories, the Rams are clearly better in points per drive even though they scored 23.3 points per game in 2020 and are now at 19.8 points per game right now. League offenses are struggling at a higher rate in general.

2020: 13th in passing yards, 16th in net yards per attempt, 26th in TD, 23rd in INT

2023: 13th in passing yards, 15th in net yards per attempt, 24th in TD, 21st in INT

In Jared Goff’s final season before being traded, he was having a similar season to Matthew Stafford now. Goff’s final numbers may be a little better, but Stafford will have eight more games if he returns in Week 11 to play the Seahawks.

2020: 10th in rushing yards, 17th in yards per carry, 10th in rushing TD

2023: 17th in rushing yards, 17th in yards per carry, 10th in rushing TD

The stats here are very close and Kyren Williams is expected to return in Week 12 against the Cardinals.

2020: 43.4% third downs (12th), 33/57 TD in red zone 57.9% (19th)

2023: 42.1% third downs (9th), 13/22 TD in red zone 59.1% (10th)

In these important situations, the Rams are the same or slightly better. One thing that they will want more of in the second half is red zone opportunities and touchdowns.

The Rams went 10-6 with Jared Goff at QB and Kevin O’Connell as the OC in 2020. Goff has had success with the Lions, O’Connell could be one of the top young head coaches in the NFL today. Maybe there’s hope for LaFleur yet.