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Former Rams running back Cam Akers feared to have torn his Achilles

Akers torn his Achilles with the Rams in 2021, before making a miraculous recovery to play in the Super Bowl

Minnesota Vikings v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

Former Rams running back Cam Akers was feared to have torn his left Achilles tendon Sunday in the Vikings vs Falcons game. After almost being traded in 2022, Akers was traded to the Vikings from LA in late September of this year. A “philosophical difference” with head coach Sean McVay when it came to the 4th-year pro’s role on the team was cited as the reason for the trade, in which the Rams swapped late round 2025 picks with Minnesota.

This would be Akers second Achilles tear of his short NFL career, with the first being in training camp of the 2021 season. If there is any silver lining to be found, it at least looks to be his left Achilles this time around, instead of a re-tear of his right again.

Surprisingly, in 2021 Akers was able to recover from his injury in time to join the Rams in their playoff run and Super Bowl victory. It was roughly a six-month turn around, after he became one of the first prominent NFL players to undergo the SpeedBridge surgical procedure, which was way ahead of the normal nine to twelve month timetable normally given. Aaron Rodgers, who torn his Achilles Week 1 with the Jets, also had the SpeedBridge surgery this season after his injury.

On top of losing Akers, the Vikings also lost QB Kirk Cousins to an Achilles tear just last week, acquiring NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals QB Josh Dobbs as Cousins replacement for the rest of the season.

While Akers was still behind current Vikings starter Alexander Mattison, he had began to finally start carving out a role in the Minnesota offense with at least eight carries in each of the last three games, including 138 yards total and a touchdown since joining the team. Rams fans will always appreciate Akers contributions to the franchise and Super Bowl season, and wish him the best in his recovery.