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Rams vs Packers final score: L.A. loses in Lambeau without Matthew Stafford

The Rams had backups at key positions and lost by a lot

Syndication: Journal Sentinel Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Los Angeles Rams played a close game against the Green Bay Packers despite the final score 20-3. Neither offense looked elite in the rain filled conditions. In a tight, physical game that saw plenty of mistakes on both sides, Sean McVay’s squad came up short. Minus last week’s blowout to the Dallas Cowboys the Rams have played teams tough. They have led during some of their halftimes. They have a 3-6 record.

Aaron Donald and the defense fought for this team. For much of the game LA’s defense held the Packers to 7 points. Go ahead and say the defense played up because of the poor weather conditions, and what actually seemed to be favorable officiating in LA’s direction. However you say it the defense kept the Rams in the game, and it was LA’s offense that did next to nothing. Brett Rypien didn’t look prepared to lead the O. Sean McVay only looked like he can call plays for Matthew Stafford. All 11 on offense, whichever combination is was, let each other down throughout the contest.

The blame cannot all be placed on Rypien but he looked unimpressive against what appeared to be a stout Green Bay defense. McVay has talked a lot this season about complimentary football which is basically a way of talking about seeing the team picking itself up. For example if the defense forces a turnover, then the offense should score. Whereas the Packers were able to score off of some defensive plays, the Rams have been trying to find a way to play complimentary football throughout the season.

LA’s defense forced turnovers.

Turnovers. They forced more than one.

McVay’s offense squandered nearly every opportunity and chance to sustain anything productive on offense. Go ahead and say the Packers offense has been struggling, but again that doesn’t take away from how hard LAs defense fought today. Where is the complimentary football? When will LA’s team pick itself and each other up? When will LA have the tools to overcome injuries at major positions like quarterback?

LA was unprepared last year for all of the injuries that piled up. This year the team was supposed to have learned from last season. Through nine games LA looks like the same team as last year. They will either come out and their game plan works, or their game plan doesn’t work and the team struggles, panics and doesn’t win close games. That narrative might be lazy, but it also has been true over the course of the last several weeks (maybe longer).

The final score says that the Rams got beat by double digits, but the game was close. After three quarters of the offense doing next to nothing the Rams defense gave in. Now LA has a bye week to chew on this latest loss while they hope Stafford’s thumb can get better. Apparently LA has no other alternative at this point.