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Rams secret weapon named NFC Special Teams player of the Week

Rams punter Ethan Evans is coming into his own at the position

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

L.A. Rams rookie punter Ethan Evans won the NFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his performance against the Seattle Seahawks. In a game the Rams won by exactly one point, it’s fair to say Evans made a difference. Drafted in the seventh round of the most recent draft, he is turning into a player that fans may want to be thankful for.

Did Les Snead find another steal?

With performances this year from players like Kobie Turner and Puka Nacua, it’s easy to see why a punter may not get as much press, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. This young rookie deserves as much attention as the rest, even if he is a punter. As Pat Macafee would say: “For the Brand!”

He’s averaging just under 50 yards per punt on the season. I think we can consider him a true field flipper, and that is exaclty what teams hope to have in a punter. Is Evans capable of dropping a punt on a dime? Like pinning a team back at thier own one yard line in a crucial situation? I don’t know, but the young man is 22 years old, in his rookie season of the NFL and already earned Player of the Week honors. Either this is the high point of his career, or the begining of what could be a very successful and potentially lucrative career.

Special teams, and the punter position specifically, can often be the forgotten part of a NFL game. Then there are games where special teams arguably is/was the most important facet. It seems like LA may have found their punter of the future. Now if the Rams can find a long term solution at placekicker (maybe it’s Lucas Havrisik?) then the future of special teams should be looking bright in sunny Los Angeles.