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What Sean McVay had to say after beating Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams are trending up for the second week in a row.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams are fresh off of their convincing win over the Arizona Cardinals. This is LA’s second win in as many game and the team’s first winning streak of the season. What makes this win even more exciting for the players, staff and fans is the fact that LA took control of this game on both sides of the ball early, and unlike when the Rams played the Indianapolis Colts, the Rams never let Kyler Murray or the Cardinals back in this game.

The final score ended up 37-14 and somemtimes we say things like: “The score doesn’t tell the story of the game.” That doesn’t apply here. The score does tell the story of the game. Credit to Arizona for having a lead at one point and credit to them for trying despite their numerous injuries, but they ended up overwhelmed by the Rams in this matchup.

Head coach Sean McVay spoke to the media after the important Rams victory. He was seemingly calm, but clearly really proud of his team from top to bottom.

“You know great team win. Really proud of our group. Obviously.”

One of the storylines for the Rams this year has been the emergence and then loss of runnning back Kyren Williams. The young RB had his most productive game as a NFL player against the Cardinals earlier in the season, and he happned to come off of IR just in time for this contest against AZ. Williams did not dissapoint.

“I thought Kyren’s energy and production was outstanding. That’s the kind of player that he’s been for end up getting him back, I think he really picked up where he left off.”

Williams had himself a day, but he wasn’t the only one. Players accross the board for LA provided much needed sparks and production. Matthew Stafford threw four passing touchdowns and one interception, but no one is going to worry about the intercetion after the overall day that LA’s starting QB had.

This may have been Stafford’s best performance of the season.

“I thought Matthew did a great job managing the game. I thought the offensive line was outstanding. Being able to be, you know, really productive in both phases. Both the run and the pass.”

It seemed like since Week One the Rams have been looking for a game like this. Even though the Rams may have been trailing by one point to start the second quarter, the Rams defense didn’t give up any more points until the contest was well out of reach. During that stretch LA’s offense added on to thier lead. The team seemed to feed off of each other. It’s a credit to the coaches and the players for putting together such an impressive performence. LA will have to hope they can look like this team when they play the Cleveland Browns next week.

“I thought there was a lot of good examples of complimentary football. Love working with this group. We really challenged them coming off the bye to just continue to stack blocks, see that development, today was a step in that right direction. We’ll enjoy this and then got a great challenge coming up with the Browns.”

The Rams defense has perhaps been the most consistent facet of the team this year. Players like Kobie Turner have stepped up and are growing and developing as NFL players each and every week. McVay had nice things to say about a number of players on both offense and defense, but he gave Turner some very high praise during this presser.

“I love the way that Kobie Turner responded after he had the penalty that ended up enabling them to be able to go for the two point conversion. He’s a steady, mature beyond his years rookie, and you know I’m really proud of those guys and I’ve definetley seen that over the last couple weeks.”

With how well the team played today, does LA have playoffs in mind? What’s the best way for the young team to manage those types of expectations?

“I think what we’re interested in is taking care of our business one week at a time, and that’s what keeps you relevant in those types of conversation...consistency is the truest measurement of performance.”

It was mentioned above that LA leaned on Williams at the running back position and he absolutely delivered, but he wasn’t the only running back to perform. Royce Freeman did plenty of damage for the Rams too.

LA also got two touchdowns from Tyler Higbee and the entire offense was humming. Will the Rams look to continue using Williams and Freeman in this way? It seemed to work vs. the Cardinals.

“My nature is you want to be able to ride the hot hand, but I think you want to have a disciplined approach, and then it’s also a credit to the trust that we have in Royce and what he’s earned over the last month and what he’s done, and I think those really had a nice...I thought they were great compliments to one another today. Want to see that moving forward.”

Cooper Kupp returned to this game after leaving last week against the Seattle Seahawks. Early in the game it seem like Kupp did reinjure himself, but he was able to stay in the game.

“Looked like Cooper got banged up earlier in the game. I was glad he was able to continue to compete. He affected the game in a lot of different ways, and really our recieving group as a whole I thought it was a great example of the selflessness...they guys made thier plays when they had to.”

One would think the Rams will continue to count on Kupp as long as he’s available, so hopefully he doesn’t miss any games. If Kupp were to miss any more time this season then it would be more opportunies for some of the younger players to grow as they continue to learn about winning at the NFL level. McVay seems to hope that some of the earlier season losses will allow this team to win now and going forward.

“We had some tough...close losses or where we just came up short, and a lot of good opportunities to be able to establish and develop some grit and to be able to continue to learn...but they’ve been a fun consistent group in terms of the energy that they brought. All the different things that they present in terms of the coachability, the accountability, and it’s aweoms to be able to see a lot of the work pay off with some good positive results like we’ve had the last couple weeks.”

Can LA keep this winning streak up? Can they ride this wave into a playoff spot or at the very least maintain playoff contention?

“Let’s keep doing that you know because I do think there is something to be able to, you know, say about learning how to win and that’s by feeling what these things feel like, and then just continuing to take steps in the right direction.”

The team was limping when they entered their bye week. They had lost three games in a row, and at the time it was unclear how hurt Stafford was or wasn’t. Now LA is on a two game win streak, Stafford maybe just had his best game of the year, and the Rams are 4-1 in the NFC West. Only up from here? There’s at least six games left to find out how high their ceiling for this season is.