Sedrick Van Pran draft profile

The Rams don't necessarily need to add a center in the 2024 draft. Coleman Shelton is under contract for 2024, with a cap hit of $3 million. On the other hand, is that such a good thing? Shelton currently has a PFF grade of 58.8, ranking 25th out of 39 centers. Brian Allen had a 63.8 PFF grade in 2022, 80.2 in 2021 and 58.6 in a rough 2019 season, so Shelton's grade is about the same as Allen's worst season. Early in the season, Shelton was playing pretty well, but in recent games I don't feel that he's been as effective.

Last year, many Rams fans wanted the team to draft John Michael Schmitz, the center for the Minnesota Gophers. Instead, the Rams drafted a guard, Steve Avila, who potentially could slide over to play center too. Having added a G in 2023, maybe Snead will continue to build out the OL by adding a C in the 2024 draft.


Name: Sedrick Van Pran-Granger. Turns 23 years old in October of 2024.

School: Georgia. Redshirt Junior. Art major.

Size: Listed 6'4'' tall, 310 pounds.

4 star recruit from New Orleans, LA. Threw shot put, discus and javelin in track in HS. Backup in 2020, then starting C for UGA the next 3 seasons, 15 starts in both 2021 and 2022 seasons. Had a minor left knee injury in 2023 vs Kentucky.

Praised for his leadership skills. A "we, not me" type player. Intelligent, thoughtful answers to questions, well spoken, says that he tries to be calming influence, but acknowledges that sometimes he'll snap and get angry if he thinks a point needs to be made.

PFN board 37th overall prospect

Josh Edwards (CBSSports) 65th overall

PFF board 100th overall (3rd center, they like the Oregon and WV players better)

Drafttek 42nd overall

PFN mock draft 58th overall


Good build for a center. Ideal height, broad frame, thick lower half. Adequate upper body strength.

Very good awareness and football IQ. Assignment sound. Good awareness to LBs attacking the LOS and his interior gaps. Not confused by cross blitz, picked up LB. Calm vs twists. Understands when to leave DT earlier and go to LB on combo blocks. Snapped the ball to catch DL jumping offsides. Smart not drifting upfield for penalty on pass, knew his positioning in relation with LOS.

Hands fairly accurate. Independent hand usage. Solid quickness to engage if he's moving laterally after the snap to execute combo and down blocks.

Plays with good base. When he plants his feet and engages his hands, his anchor is solid.

Plays with good footwork and sound technique.

Snaps generally have good velocity, spin and accuracy. One snap slipped out of his hand like a wet bar of soap for a fumble. Mostly, however, only small misses, so typically easy for QB to handle the ball.

Aggression to finish blocks and bury opponents when he has the advantage. One play he pinned the defender like a victorious wrestler.

Works his hips around after engagement to secure seal blocks.

Experienced starter for an SEC and national football powerhouse program. Playing for UGA is like being on an NFL team in terms of the talent level. He battled in practice against some great DL on his own team, even before playing against other SEC opponents.


More of a reliable player than a dominant difference maker.

Limited effective length. Appears to have short arms. Never seems to be able to use his full length and extend his arms, typically has arms bent when engaged on blocks.

Lunges forward due to limited length. Has substantial struggles vs push pull moves. Susceptible to spin moves when he lunges.

Doesn't have fast hands, loses hand fights. DTs can push his arm/hand up, disarming him and making him a one handed blocker. Another play, DT pushes his right hand up, then goes around him, C only able to grab DT's jersey with left hand, on outside of shoulder pad.

Little initial jolt and power in punch. When he's heads up, his hands often are late, the DT punches first and the C is a split second behind, allowing DT to get into his chest or catching the defender. Lacks violence and speed in hands. Since he's not explosive off the snap heads up, a big NT can drive right through him off the snap, creating instant penetration vs runs.

Since C tends to passively catch, an immediate rip move by the DT consistently beats him. One time the QB nearly got sacked and the pressure helped to cause an INT. Another time, beaten instantly as DT crosses his face, then wins with push pull rip move.

Anchor crumbles when he doesn't properly engage both his hands or loses hand fights. Same with run blocks, if his hands get defeated, he'll lose leverage and get driven backwards, distorting the LOS.

Struggles to sustain blocks. Lacks grip strength and core power. Feet get sluggish, sometimes stop in pass pro, inhibiting his ability to mirror. Unable to mirror and stay with smaller pass rushers like fast LBs.

Doesn't have enough power and play strength to displace and move DTs. Shed and beaten too often at POA on solo run blocks. Lunges and let DTs get around him. Average leg drive. Gets rag dolled and tossed away by bigger and powerful NTs. Not explosive in GL and short yardage run situations.

Limited effective blocking range, doesn't do well in space or on the move. Slow folding around on pulls. Poor adjusting to quickness in space, whiffs on 2nd level blocks when LBs or DBs are moving. Hands outside frame of LB at 2nd level. Sometimes lunges at 2nd level when he should show more discipline and control by taking one additional small step to defend the blocking angle. Whiffs on screen blocks. Some plays, he'll end up standing and watching at 2nd level, because he wasn't able to make his assigned block.

Not quick enough to secure more difficult reach blocks.

Average quickness when helping in pass pro, doesn't turn and change directions quickly so that he can switch and pick up a different pass rusher.

Feet not quick to slide laterally in pass pro.

Could struggle with speed of NFL game, resulting in him becoming a spectator on some plays as the defender goes by him.

Limited scheme versatility. Not a good fit for a zone scheme team, better suited for a power and gap scheme.

Benefits from playing with other talented OL on UGA's team.

Draft Grade and Pro Comp

3rd round grade. (John Michael Schmitz, 2nd round 2023, NYG, Minnesota Gophers)

JMS has a 48.4 PFF grade, 36th out of 39 centers. PFF grades him worse at pass blocking than run blocking, with a horrible 38.3 pass block grade. SIS ranks JMS 31st among centers in overall points. Their data has him being worse at run blocking than pass blocking, with 3 sacks allowed and a 2.6% blown pass block rate, and a 6.9% blown run block rate, with a 3.1% stuffed run rate.

Coleman Shelton has a better blown pass block rate (1.6%), better blown run block rate (2.5%) and a better run stuff rate (0.8%). Shelton is tied for 18th among centers in SIS points. If the Rams had actually drafted JMS in the 2nd round in 2023 and started him over Shelton, it is entirely possible that the result would have been a substantial downgrade vs how Shelton has performed this season. The Rams would have one of the worst starting centers in the NFL.

The NYG might have the very worst OL in the NFL. They rank 27th in pass block win rate and 30th in run block win rate. This is despite the Giants investing 5 picks towards the OL in the first 3 rounds of the last 4 drafts, including 2 very high 1st round picks (Andrew Thomas and Evan Neal).

I gave JMS a 3rd round grade. My position was that early 2nd rd was too early for the Rams to draft him. Some mocks had JMS as a late 1st round pick. In the actual draft, JMS was taken late in the 2nd round, the 57th overall selection. Creed Humphrey was the 63rd overall pick in his draft. Some fans thought that JMS would be another Creed and in the draft the 2 players were taken at nearly the same slot, so without the benefit of hindsight, NFL teams apparently viewed them similarly as prospects.

It is too early to call JMS a bust. He has had some minor injuries and interior offensive line is very challenging for a rookie in the NFL. Often, a C or G doesn't turn the corner until their 3rd or 4th pro season. Nevertheless, the early results haven't been good for the Giants.

If you don't remember my rule of thumb for grading centers in the draft, a 3rd rd grade means that I believe Sedrick Van Pran will be a starter in the NFL. The reason I don't have a higher grade on him is because I don't project him to be a Pro Bowl type performer. I think his ceiling is an average NFL starter.

Van Pran has good intangibles, solid fundamentals and is a smart football player. Apart from limited arm length, he has good size for the position. So, he's a decent prospect. I don't think he's a special player and I don't think he should be a priority for the Rams in the 2024 draft. In a nutshell, I think a reasonable goal if we did draft him would be for him to be another Brian Allen (but, hopefully with fewer injuries.)