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It’s been 48 years since the Rams last played on Thanksgiving

The Rams last played on Thanksgiving in 1975


The Los Angeles Rams ended the Detroit Lions playoff hopes in 1975 on Thanksgiving as quarterback James Harris threw a 38-yard touchdown pass to Harold Jackson. The score put the Rams up 20-0 in the fourth quarter and it is also the last time that they have played on Turkey Day. The loss for the Lions clinched the central division for the Minnesota Vikings. As for the Rams, it was their third of seven straight wins. Their next loss would come in the NFC Championship game to the Dallas Cowboys.

As it stands, the Rams are in a 48-year drought of not playing on Thanksgiving which is the longest in the NFL. The only teams with other notable droughts are the Cleveland Browns who haven’t played on Thanksgiving since 1989 and the Jacksonville Jaguars who have never played on the holiday.

Throughout their history, the Rams have played on Thanksgiving four different times. The Cleveland Rams defeated the Lions 28-21 in their Thanksgiving debut in 1945. Los Angeles beat the Lions again in 1967 and then lost to the Cowboys in 1971.

It seems odd that a team that’s as historic as the Rams have gone so long without playing on Thanksgiving, especially considering the small rivalry and connection that they have with the Cowboys. Since 1975, the Rams have played the Lions and Cowboys on the road a combined 22 times. None of those have been scheduled on Thanksgiving.

Last season, the Rams finally got a taste of playing on a holiday as they defeated the Denver Broncos 51-14 on Christmas. However, as Sean McVay put it during his Wednesday press conference, “football and Thanksgiving just always go together.” There is something to be said about being able to enjoy the holiday and not worry about your favorite team losing. With that said, playing on Thanksgiving is always special due to the tradition of it.

In the midst of a 48-year drought, it is worth wondering when the Rams will play on Thanksgiving again. Next year would seem like the perfect opportunity. The Rams are set to play the Lions in Detroit. That matchup would mark Matthew Stafford’s return to Detroit for the first time since being traded to the Rams prior to the 2021 season. The Rams could potentially the Cowboys in Dallas in 2025 depending on where the two teams finish in there division.

Either way, Rams fans will holding out hope that they get scheduled on Thanksgiving to end the drought.

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