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What’s something you eat at Thanksgiving that nobody else does?

Rams fans discuss Thanksgiving traditions

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New Orleans Saints Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Thanksgiving is on Thursday but the Rams don’t play until Sunday. That gives fans plenty of time to talk about something even more important than throwing football:

Throwing a food ball.

We all know the game of going around and asking people what their favorite traditional Thanksgiving side dish is, but I would rather know what is your favorite NON-traditional Thanksgiving food? What’s something that you eat on Thanksgiving that you don’t think anybody else in the country eats? Either as a tradition or a one-time thing.

For example, I bought a chocolate cream pie for Thanksgiving dessert this year. Nothing against pumpkin pie, I just wanted to eat a chocolate cream pie. Other than that, we’ll have a lot of traditional foods, but I’m sure many of you won’t.

Tell me your favorite non-traditional Thanksgiving food item and anything else you want to share with the group. Just go down to the comments below, reply, rec your favorite foods, and you can even talk about the Rams.

Ram...not a traditional Thanksgiving food. Or football game.