Running backs and other love songs

I know McVay thinks Kyren Williams in a #1 running back. And I do like the guy, and I realize that the Rams have many needs, mostly on the o-line and d-line.
But I watched 2 running backs play last night and I hope the Rams somehow are able to grab one. I know we haven't seen Zach Evans yet and don't know what he can do. But Trey Benson on Florida State is a game changer. He's 6'1" 215 and runs a 4.38 40. He has great hands, can pass block, and breaks tackles. He is blazing fast after he bursts through the hole and is a threat to score every time he gets the ball. I hate mentioning Todd Gurley every time I talk about an RB, but this guy really IS the closest thing to TG I've seen in a while. Similar build and similar speed and tackle breaking ability. And no major injuries that I know of.
And I have to mention Treveyon Henderson from Ohio State...another game changer. 5'11" 215 and runs the same 4.38 40. Apply the description of Benson to this guy. Same tackle breaking ability and blazing speed, and can catch passes too.
One of these guys would do wonders for the Rams offense, and maybe McVay could get back to the offense we saw in 2017 when he first took over, and had defenses on th heels for 60 minutes. We can hope, anyway.