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Random Ramsdom: Jared Goff sought closure from Sean McVay after trade

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 11/11/23

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Hey happy Saturday! We’ll have a full slate of NFL games on Sunday so enjoy today and get ready for some action tomorrow! The Los Angeles Rams will be on bye, but there will be plenty of other teams and reasons to watch.

We could, and maybe I should, do a deeper dive on the Jared Goff topic. It’s been well covered but I still find the Rams trading him to the Detroit Lions fascinating. The way it worked out and is currently working out makes it all the more interesting. Apparently after the trade Goff wanted to talk to Sean McVay directly to see what he could’ve done differently. The former LA QB doesn’t seem to give away much but says he “got some answers.”

You do not have to answer any questions but we like to offer them to try and stir up conversation! We always love hearing from you! Why do you think LA traded away Goff? What did Matthew Stafford bring that Goff wasn’t? Have you been impresses by Goff’s time in Detroit or not so much? Thoughts about the trade in general?

Please talk about whatever you’d like and thanks for checking out some links today!

Jared Goff got closure from Sean McVay, and it helped make him a Detroit Lions hero (

“Goff showed up at Whitworth’s house in the days after the deal was consummated to get his thoughts. Then the quarterback informed him he was moving on for an exit meeting with McVay.

“I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ ” Whitworth recalled. “And he’s like, ‘I told Sean I still want to do our exit meeting…’ And I was like, ‘You’re crazy. Why would you want to do an exit?’ And he said, ‘I want him to tell me right to my face what I did wrong. I want to hear it from him. How do I get better?’ He wanted closure.”

Recalling that two years later, Goff didn’t go into details about what was said in his final meeting with McVay, saying only: “I got some answers and gained a lot of closure. He was forthright.”

Seahawks sign QB who just started for the Rams ahead of Week 11 matchup with Los Angeles, per report (cbssports)

“What’s interesting about this transaction is that Seattle plays Los Angeles in nine days, so Rypien can maybe give head coach Pete Caroll just a little bit of a look at how the Rams are run. If you recall, the Rams upset the Seahawks in Seattle in the season opener, 30-13. L.A. scored three touchdowns on the ground, while rookie wideout Puka Nacua caught 10 passes for 119 yards in his NFL debut.”

ESPN Predicts Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford Will Retire (ramsdigest)

“You can find an excerpt from the piece below.

These will be the final games of Matthew Stafford‘s career

“To be clear, I have no inside information. But I watched how ready and optimistic Stafford was during the Rams’ training camp, and this season, while a known rebuild, has been brutal. It’s the second straight season in which he has gotten beat up every week, too, taking a sack on 7.5% of his dropbacks since the start of 2022. He has banked in the neighborhood of $300 million during his career. He has won a Super Bowl. And he has numbers that will merit serious Canton consideration. So factoring all that in, my prediction is that Stafford calls it a career after the season. — Seth Wickersham, NFL writer”

That reasoning tends to make sense, although Wickersham does not claim to have any insider information or be inside Stafford’s own mind.”