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Random Ramsdom: Have you noticed an evolution with LA’s offense this year?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 10/6/23

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NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hey thanks for checking out some links here today! Happy Friday! We made it. Sean McVay is considered a wunderkind for a reason and he’s at it again this year. The Los Angeles Rams offense has been fun to watch, and it’s not that they are scoring 50+ yard touchdowns in one play. Though that would be cool. It’s because the offense has been methodical with long drives, clever play calling and brilliant execution by the players. The offensive line has been doing pretty well, Matthew Stafford’s been playing great and more.

Has the offense looked top notch every minute of every game? Not at all, but there is a lot to look forward to as long as the players, arguably the most important part, stay healthy.

What do you think of the offense so far this year? Have you noticed any differences from years past? Please comment on anything you’d like and thanks again for stopping by today!

Old, new, and borrowed: How Sean McVay’s Rams offense is evolving once again (theathletic)

“When Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay assumed control over the team in 2017, he took an already widely recognized concept — motion — and utilized it at a higher frequency than any coach in the NFL at that time.

The early years of that offense utilized motion to create advantages for outside zone, play action and screens. This helped his overall system — from the pass to the run game — become as quarterback-friendly as possible. When McVay and the Rams traded for veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford in 2021, their philosophy shifted toward the dropback passing game.

This season, the Rams are back among NFL teams deploying the highest frequency of motion concepts — but now, their motions look a little different as McVay’s philosophy has evolved. They’ve used motion on 65 percent of plays through four weeks (No. 4 in the NFL, according to Sports Info Solutions), but rather than largely using it to create favorable angles in the run game (and they still do), they’re also using it to create significant advantages for the passing game.

McVay’s evolution has not stopped there.”

Los Angeles Rams QB Matthew Stafford ‘Full Go’ vs. Philadelphia Eagles, Sean McVay Says (fannation/ramsdigest)

“L.A. fans can rest a bit easier on Wednesday, though, as McVay confirmed that Stafford will be at full strength for the upcoming game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

“He’s full go, yep. He’s as tough as it gets, you know that,” McVay told reporters. “And so we’re not going to be running a lot of zone read or anything like that today so he’ll be in good shape... He does such a great job at taking care of himself and doing a lot of things at home as well. So he is, I think feeling good would be a strong way to describe it, but he’s able to go through and be a full participant which is a good thing for us.”

LA Rams receiver Cooper Kupp runneth over and over (ramblinfan)

“The LA Rams have gone four games into the 2023 NFL season, powered by the dynamic duo of rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua and veteran wide receiver Tutu Atwell. Now, at a time when the Rams are about to be tested more than at any other time in Week 5, the Rams just leveled up.”