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Rams-Cowboys final score: L.A. looked lost amid loss, and lose Matthew Stafford

In all fairness, the Rams found some stride but overall this was a beatdown.

Los Angeles Rams v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams entered this game having played competitive ball throughout the year. Even in their losses the Rams would show moments or keep games within reach throughout most of the contest. Today the Dallas Cowboys made Sean McVay’s squad look about as uncompetitive as we have ever seen them. Within what seemed like a flash Dallas led 33-3, and LA never really had much of a chance. Don’t let the Rams points fool you. This was a blowout. Don’t let the apparent Matthew Stafford injury fool you. His pick six was part of the reason this turned into a blowout. There is no getting around it. McVay’s team looked lost. What does a lost team do? Lose.

To start the day, the Rams seemed to force a three and out on the Cowboys. Things looked alright for LA in the very beginning.

However a penalty was called against LA’s defense. The penalty negated the three and out and Dak Prescott continued the drive. The officiating may have been questionable, but it’s not the reason LA couldn’t get anything going. They couldn’t get anything going because they were outplayed for most of the game. Dallas opened up the scoring with this impressive play.

Give the Cowboys credit. They looked like the better team today. To the Rams credit they weren’t shut out, but it should be tough for McVay to find many positives in this week’s film sessions. LA’s defense didn’t fold right away, but after this interception by Stafford the game went from bad to worse as Dallas took over in Jerry’s World.

Stafford threw a brutal pick against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week. He threw a bad one against the San Francisco 49ers. He threw that one here today. At a certain point LA’s head coach called out Jared Goff and said the QB needed to play better. When is he going to do the same for Stafford? As great as Stafford can be, and for all that he’s done for LA, he’s a reason they have been losing. Today was no exception.

Time will tell for how serious the injury to LA’s quarterback is. In the meantime, what are the Rams going to do at QB? LA comes out of this game defeated and with more questions than they have had all year. LA’s new kicker, Lucas Havrisik, was fine. He wasn’t the problem. He completed his first field goal in the NFL today, but there were other issues on special teams.

This might have been one of Raheem Morris’s worse displays as defensive coordinator since he joined the Rams. CeeDee Lamb was unstoppable.

This defense has many new faces, and this was probably the least coherent they’ve looked all year. Is that on the coaching? Is that on the personnel? They gave up big play after big play, but how much of the defense getting exposed was because of LA’s offense being noncompetitive for most of the game? Things didn’t get better after Stafford left the game and Brett Rypien came in.

LA falls to 3-5 while giving up ground in the NFC. The Rams have the most questions they have had all season. The Week 1 victory against the Seattle Seahawks seems like a season ago and not only a couple months ago. Can the Rams find a way to bounce back? Will this be the worst game of their season? We’ll find out, but one thing is for sure. Whatever the Rams are doing is not working.