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Random Ramsdom: Sean McVay and Veronika Khomyn welcome newborn!

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 10/26/23

27th Annual Critics Choice Awards - Arrivals Photo by Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Sean McVay has welcomed his expected child into this world. Now he can get back to giving his full attention to the Los Angeles Rams. It only gets easier after the kid is born. Right? The head coach has a lot on his plate this year that is for sure. The Rams twitter account had a cute response to the new addition of the Ramily.

Congratulations to he and his family. No real question today but please check out some links and news. Comment if you’d like and have a great Thursday! We’re almost to Friday.

Rams coach Sean McVay becomes a father (nbcsports)

“There was concern in recent weeks that the baby would come during a game. McVay had said he’d exit the game to get to the delivery room.

It ultimately didn’t happen. Jordan arrived on a Wednesday.

McVay hinted that the baby was coming soon when he spoke to reporters on Monday. Asked if this will be a “big week” for the McVay family, McVay said this: “I would think so. Yeah, there’s a good chance of that so we’ll keep you guys posted if there’s a new addition to the family in the near future.”

Rams coach Sean McVay welcomes son with wife Veronika (

“Everybody kind of tells you what to expect, and it couldn’t even be as good as everybody says,” McVay said. “And they certainly talked about what a special moment it was. Just amazing how well my wife handled it and what a stud she was throughout that whole process, and even yesterday. The people were amazing in terms of the nurses and the doctors, and their help.

“So he’s here, he’s healthy, he’s feeling good. And what a blessing it is.”

McVay said he hasn’t gotten any sleep, but joked, “it’s a good adrenaline.”

“But at some point it’s going to hit me,” McVay said. “And I’d like to think I can push through but I don’t have the stamina that I used to.”

Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay Reveals RB Kyren Williams ‘Goal’ Injury Return (ramsdigest)

“I hope so,” McVay said Monday. “It’s still a little bit early, but there was a debate on whether or not we were even going to do that with Kyren knowing that the bye fits in between there and that still doesn’t count as one of the four games that you have to miss.

“So definitely that would be the goal with him.”

Rams working out kickers, including longtime Packer Mason Crosby, after releasing Brett Maher (

“Upon releasing Maher following three bad boots in the home loss to the Steelers on Sunday, the Rams inked kicker Lucas Havrisik off the Browns’ practice squad, which guarantees he’s on the active roster for at least three weeks. L.A. likes Havrisik’s upside, but given that he has never played in a regular-season NFL game and made just 64.2% of his field goal attempts in college, the Rams will take a look at veteran options as well.”