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Random Ramsdom: Donald’s favorite team is LA’s opponent this week, the Steelers

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 10/21/23

Los Angeles Rams v Pittsburgh Steelers

I’ll be writing about the Los Angeles Rams and the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday during and after the game. It should be a close one as both teams have stout defenses with the Steelers led by T.J. Watt and LA led by Aaron Donald. Donald, as many know, was a Pittsburgh Panther in college and grew up in the Pittsburgh area, so of course he was (and still is) a Steelers fan.

Do you think his love for the Steelers will impact his play Sunday? The last time Los Angeles and Pittsburgh met they played in Pittsburgh, and LA did not come out on top. Is the outcome different this time in LA?

Please comment on anything you’d like and have a great Saturday!

Aaron Donald is still a Steelers fan. He’ll try to beat them when his hometown team visits his Rams (

“He kind of showed me the way, and showed me how to train and how to work,” said Pickett, now the Steelers’ starting quarterback. “From afar, I would just watch. I never really talked — just hellos — until I earned his respect to be able to talk to him a little bit more. But there’s a reason he is who he is, and he works hard. Showed me the ropes.”

Aaron Donald feels no excitement about facing his hometown team (

“We all grew up big Steelers fans,” Donald said of his family. “I still consider myself a Steelers fan, obviously, until we got to play them. I still look to see if they’re doing good. I’m still a Steelers fan myself until we got to suit up and play against them. So whole family is still Steelers fans, but now more Rams fans but it’s pretty cool.”

Donald still sees plenty of Steelers players in the offseason, while Donald works out at Pitt’s facility. He said he sees Steelers players practicing during the offseason.

“I see those guys a lot. [I] see Coach Tomlin out there. So yeah, it’s pretty cool.”

Rams CB Derion Kendrick expects to play Sunday despite arrest (

“I think there’s certain circumstances and situations that arise that you always use your values and principles to be able to make decisions,” McVay said. “I trust this kid’s heart. I believe in him. I also believe in forgiveness and understanding and there’s certain things that we can use to be able to learn from and then there’s certain mistakes that people make that maybe it’s a little bit different conversation. But based on my understanding of what occurred, I feel like this is something that we can move forward with.”