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Rams fortunate to have their reloading year in a wide open NFL season

LA in control of their fate this season in an unusual NFL campaign

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams were playing chess, not checkers when in came to having their reloading year. Okay fine, there’s no way they would’ve known what a strange NFL season this would turn out to be through the first six weeks.

I just don’t know what to make of this NFL season at all. There have been plenty of solid teams, some bordering on great despite one or two dud performances mixed in. The reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs have appeared off so far despite a 5-1 record.

Watch any Kansas City game and you can tell how much they miss having a vertical threat like Tyreek Hill. Of course the Chiefs made it work the year before en route to a title but this year, they haven’t be able to finish drives. It’s very odd a team led by Patrick Mahomes and MaAuto with Taylor Swift as their good luck charm is struggling to score touchdowns. Even stranger to see KC being led by their defense for the first time in the Mahomes era.

Their Big Game opponent in the Eagles have appeared off as well and have an identical 5-1 start. Philly has clearly regressed but expecting them to maintain their historic dominance from the previous year was unrealistic to begin with. Is neither team not playing to full strength because of a Super Bowl hangover? Or have both teams been held to such high standards based on their play in 2022?

Then, the 49ers, another title favorite lost their first game. They may have gotten screwed by the refs so who cares? I’m not a huge believer in Brock Purdy so I’m anxious to see how he’ll perform if forced to carry a Niners team without a bunch of All-Pros by his side.

As for other possible contenders, the Bills are frauds who were lucky to beat the hapless Giants in primetime. Although Miami smoked those Giants earlier in the year, Buffalo destroyed the Dolphins by 28 points(!)

Someone make it make sense please!

Cincinnati is sitting at .500 and also don’t look like themselves. Lamar Jackson is doing all he can for a Ravens receiving corps full of players who can’t catch the ball. Possible playoff teams like the Chargers, Giants (LOL), Vikings and Packers have all disappointed. At least the Cowboys are exactly who we thought they were.

The best team that isn’t getting enough love is the one led by Jared Goff. Dan Campbell’s squad isn’t perfect but they might be the best team in the NFL outside of the 49ers. I think like Cleveland in Week 6, the Lions are the only team in the conference that could match the Niners’ physicality.

Basically what I’m getting at is that LA was quite fortunate in developing their young players during an NFL campaign with a handful of dominant or elite teams. They’re few and far between in the league this season which is a key indicator that parity is alive and well.

Assuming it keeps up, the Rams will be strong players in the playoff conversation faster than anyone realized.