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Random Ramdsom: Will the Rams stick with a ground game without Kyren Williams?

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 10/19/23

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Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Hey thanks for checking out some links today! I know I have been slacking in the comments section(s) and I have no excuse. I thank all of you for commenting and picking up the slack where I am lacking! For whatever it’s worth, I’ve seen some ask and I totally get it, I am a Los Angeles Rams fan. Have been for most of my time on this Earth. I also think plenty of you know that! I also know that sometimes my writing can come off neutral maybe even negative towards LA and that’s by design. Though in my heart of hearts I want this team to win so bad. It’s unhealthy. Their wins and losses can literally make my week and more.

Anyways thanks for giving me the space to say that. Feel free to talk about your Rams fandom here or anywhere! I’d guess people might be more receptive here though, on this site.

We’ve got some links below and lot of them have to do with Kyren Williams who is expected to miss some time. Who will step up and fill his shoes? Can we still expect LA to utilize the run game without Williams? So far it seems like the more the Rams can rush their better their odds of winning. There is a lot that goes into that, but the facts are the facts. LA has won more games when they’ve rushed 20+ times than they’ve lost.

So please share your thoughts. Keep enjoying this Rams season with us and have a great day!

Why Rams must stick with a promising running game without Kyren Williams (ramblinfan)

“Whether as a Rams fan, a blogger, or an amateur Rams football analyst, it is completely frustrating to wish beyond hope that the LA Rams would simply get mad enough to run the football down the defense’s throat. For whatever reason, the Rams’ front office committed to stockpiling big offensive linemen, added multiple blocking tight ends, and even grabbed a burly running back in the 2023 NFL Draft as well as a big-bodied runner in free agency.

And these are not small players. Rather, they are all big-bodied durable players who could be bouncers at nightclubs in the dodgiest parts of a city. But instead of using them to command a physical and dominating ground assault, the Rams have been content to run a dozen or so times, and hope that veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford can walk away from the carnage of opposing pass rushers teeing off on bringing him down.”

Kyren Williams out, but LA Rams have something special in store for Week 7 (ramblinfan)

“When he was getting fed the football in his first two seasons with the Denver Broncos, Freeman was able to sniff out the endzone. But that vanished as his workload dropped to next to nothing over the past three seasons. He has maintained a 3.7 yard per run average despite light use. While his longest run is 26 yards, I believe that he could be incredibly effective in a power running game.

Zach Evans is the lightning back in this analogy. And at 5-foot-11 and weighing 202 pounds, he is more akin to a Cam Akers style of running than Kyren Williams or Ronnie Rivers. But that could be a good thing. While he did not get a great deal of positive press in training camp, he has been blessed with many skills that could and should flourish in the Rams offense.”

Fantasy football: Which Rams RB is the one to own while Kyren Williams is out? (theramswire)

“He’s expected to miss multiple contests but at the latest, he’ll return after the Rams’ Week 10 bye. So if he doesn’t return before the bye, he’ll be out of fantasy lineups for the next four weeks.

That puts fantasy owners in a tough spot, especially with backup Ronnie Rivers also out for the next month or so. That leaves four running backs on the Rams’ roster and practice squad: Zach Evans, Royce Freeman, Myles Gaskin and Darrell Henderson Jr.

Which is the one to own moving forward? It’s hard to say, but don’t expect any of them to replace Williams’ production.”

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings: San Francisco remain at No. 1, Los Angeles Rams rise three spots (


The more time passes, the more it seems the Rams have found some of their old form. Quarterback Matthew Stafford has been terrific to start the season, earning the sixth-best PFF grade at the position and recording a league-best 18 big-time throws.

The running game also exploded for 175 rushing yards in Week 6, though the team will now be without starting RB Kyren Williams for a few weeks.

Cooper Kupp has not missed a beat since returning to the lineup, as he’s earned an 80.0-plus PFF grade in his last two games to enter Week 7 as the fifth-highest-graded receiver in the NFL.”