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Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona Cardinals second half game thread

LA’s offense has looked unprepared most of the game and the defense has kept them in the game.

Arizona Cardinals v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams are trailing the Arizona Cardinals by a score of 9-6 after the first half of play.

The game started with LA kicking off to Josh Dobbs and the Cardinals. Dobbs scrambled for a big gain on this opening drive. The Rams didn’t give up a touchdown here, but Arizona was able to score a field goal to open up the scoring. AZ led 3-0 with plenty of time to go in the game. Arizona’s opening drive would turn out to be more successful than LA’s. The Rams punted back to AZ after not being able to sustain their first drive of the day.

The Cardinals were putting together another drive with Josh Dobbs leading the way with his arm and legs. However Dobbs would take a sack by Jonah Williams on third down, forcing AZ to punt the ball back to LA. After a productive kick return, LA’s offense took the field with an opportunity to tie or take a lead. The Rams forced their way to the redzone and would be held to a field goal. LA tied the game 3-3.

The first quarter came to a close with Cooper Kupp getting his ankle taped up and Arizona having the ball. It is unclear if Kupp is exactly injured or what, but either way AZ had a chance to respond.

Dobbs would connect with Rondale Moore for a short gain to start off the second quarter of play. On the second play of the quarter Aaron Donald sacked Josh Dobbs setting up AZ with a third and long. The Cardinals would have to punt two plays later on 4th and 11. Austin Trammell, who had a nice return earlier in the game for the Rams, fumbled this return and gave AZ the ball back in scoring position. The Cards would tack on another field goal and take a 6-3 lead with about 12 minutes remaining in the second quarter.

LA’s offense looked lost on their next drive as it ended with Matthew Stafford getting gobbled up on a 3rd and 5. The Rams defense kept up their high level of play and stopped AZ on a 4th and 5 giving the Rams another chance on offense. Stafford would get sacked again on third down. The Cardinals offense was able to get to the two minute warning as Dobbs continued to convert big third downs for his team. AZ would tack on their third field goal of the day to take a 9-3 lead with under one minute remaining in the half.

Stafford and the offense showed some life towards the end of the quarter and managed to add a field goal. The score is 9-6 as the first half ends.

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