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Sean McVay says it all after Rams’ OT win: ‘Exactly how we drew it up’

Rams head coach Sean McVay shares the love after a resilient win over Colts

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams narrowly defeated the Indianapolis Colts after blowing a 23-0 lead. It wasn’t exactly a tail of two halves but there were moments this team looked dominant against a solid Colts team. Like when LA put up 23 unanswered points. Then there were stretches where the team looked lost. Like when LA gave up 23 unanswered points. However you want to describe it the Rams got the W, and in a results oriented business that is what matters today. Head coach Sean McVay had some takeaways after the game when he spoke to the media. Let’s dive into some of what he had to say.

“Exactly how we drew it up. Golly, but I’ll tell you what: What a great start by us, by our guys, you know you credit Indianapolis and Shane Steichen, and their coaching staff and their players for getting back into the game. They made their plays, but I thought we came out ready to go. I thought we were gonna put together a complete performance, they obviously had...they felt otherwise and there was some different things that led to them getting back into the game. You know it was a 23-23 game and you know there were some opportunities for us to be able to close it out, but I can’t say enough about the guts, the resilience, the mental toughness of this group.”

Yes the Rams pulled it out, and the offensive decline that allowed Indy to get back in this game was most likely attributed to an injury that Matthew Stafford seemed to sustain during the game.

“He’d be able to tell you exactly when it happened.”

McVay doesn’t give too much insight on the Stafford injury. Apparently it’s a hip injury and the head coach praised his QB for gutting it out and obviously playing well enough to the get the win, but this will be something to track. Despite the picks that Stafford has thrown, he is the best option at QB for the Rams. It’s hard to see this team doing well without him.

“Guys just stayed the course, and that’s what I love the most, Adam, is that they just kept battling. Found a way to get it into OT. Great tails call by Ben Skowronek to be able to get us the freaking ball, and then I just thought there was, you know consistent production. I just thought some of the checkdowns that Matthew had, I thought the Ronnie Rivers run, Kyren showed up.”

McVay owes each player a six pack of soda or something. Although the team did semi-implode and allowed the Colts back in this game, they ultimately got the win and they saved McVay and themselves from having to face the brutal noise had they lost this game. They’d of been 1-3, had lost three games in a row and would have just blown a 23 point lead. Instead the Rams won and move to 2-2 very much staying alive and playing well enough through the quarter mark of the season.

“It was a good win. A lot of us to be able to learn from and I’m excited to be able to look at this tape and we know we got a great challenge coming up, but we’re gonna enjoy this for right now.”

I wrote in the final score post that the results are the results, but this team may want to reexamine their process to ensure they can close out games more effectively. This really was almost a disastrous loss. The Colts looked ready to take this one after they knotted up the game in the fourth quarter.

“We were certainly trying to not allow them to even get another possession, and our guys delivered.”

LA walked it off and Stafford showed that game winning magic that has made him such a special player throughout his journey in the NFL. I can be critical of the QB, but I can also admit that he has a toughness and makeup that most human beings just don’t have. All he’s done since being traded to the Rams is prove the trade was worth it.

“Was it perfect? No, but man you can really learn a lot and it’s a lot easier to be able to learn after you find a way to just stay the course and figure out a way to kind of piece it together at the right times. You know there was a lot of things, and again I do not want to take away the credit that the Colts deserve.”

A win is a win is a win is a win is a, you get it. It was certainly exhausting at times for Rams fans, but now that the game is over, the team and the fans can bask in that special feeling that is a NFL win.

“I love this team, and it’s not just because we found a way to get that done today, Gary, I love the way they work, I love the consistency of how they approach their process, there’s a growth mindset.”

Maybe that quote can put to bed the idea that McVay will be going to TV after the season concludes. Probably not, but it does seem that the coach is as locked in as ever with this squad and that’s a good sign for this team.

“We’re continuing to learn about this group.”

I don’t know if the team expected to look as good as they have through four weeks. It’s not just their record but the team has actually had flashes of brilliance and they haven’t even had Cooper Kupp for a game yet this season.

“I love going to work and I’m excited about, you know, figuring out how we can improve and how I can improve, these coaches and these players...I was happy for them today to be able to get the result that they did.”

The results are the results and being 2-2 at this point in the season is not a disaster, far from it. This team will face another test when they take on the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles next week. If the Rams can find a way to win that would be stellar for their season. Even if they take an L and show they are competitive, which they really have all year, then that can be a very positive sign for the seasons to come. We’ll see if this team can keep stacking the right blocks.