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Sean McVay rumors: Some Rams colleagues would be surprised if he returns

Jay Glazer’s report on Sunday suggests that McVay is leaning towards television jobs

Los Angeles Rams mini camp at SoFi Stadium. (Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

There are few, if any, NFL insiders worth listening to more than FOX’s Jay Glazer. His reports, unlikely many of his colleagues, are rarely disputed as being completely without merit. So when Glazer says that some people in the L.A. Rams building would be “more surprised if McVay comes back to the Rams” than if he chooses to retire for a television job, it’s worth making note of that.

On the FOX pre-game show on Sunday, Glazer says that there are only three jobs in question outside of the three interim jobs (Colts, Panthers, Broncos) that we already know about. That includes the Cardinals, the Texans, and most shocking of all, the Los Angeles Rams.

On one hand, McVay’s retirement two weeks before turning 37—as the youngest head coach in the NFL even six years after he was hired by the Rams—would be surprising. He’s got job security and a roster that could turn it around by next season.

On the other hand, when TV rumors have been following you for the last three years, when they don’t really follow any other active head coach like that, the Rams must have been prepared for a moment like this one. Whether McVay does decide to leave the organization or not.

That could be why there are people in the building, as Glazer notes, who think it is going to happen. There’s a good chance that McVay himself doesn’t know if it’s going to happen and is holding off on making his final decision until after Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks. So for now, these can only be rumors.

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But the fact that McVay and the Rams are talking about a potential separation already is not a rumor, it’s a fact. At least there isn’t much left time between now and getting to know his answer, which should come no later than Monday.