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Could Sean McVay be in the broadcast booth in 2023?

NFL media outlets are once again eyeing Sean McVay this offseason.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams have just one game remaining in their disastrous 2022 season that has them sitting at 5-11. With no first round pick and a team seemingly in a pretty big hole, could Sean McVay move to broadcasting? According to Front Office Sports, the NFL media outlets are once again eyeing the Rams head coach.

“The (Rams) just had an abysmal year. I don’t know how optimistic that team is about the future. It could be an ominous situation,” warned one source. “I would expect networks to call (McVay) and gauge his interest again. I’m sure some already have.”

The source added that networks would roll out the red carpet for him even if McVay wants to take it slow as part of a three-person booth or as a part-time studio analyst.

“A guy like that you find a spot for. Even trial him out. I just know how coveted he was last year.”

While 2022 hasn’t worked out, it seems unlikely that McVay would move to television. There’s still a really good chance that he does in the future. However, at least for this year, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk added,

“Obviously, there’s less sizzle for McVay than there was a year ago. Complicating matters is the absence of big-money spots within the various broadcast booths. Absent the expansion of a two-man operation to three, someone would have to go in order to create a prime booth spot for McVay...Then there’s the possibility of McVay joining a studio show. The money is far different and, as Drew Brees learned in 2021, the raw energy is, too. Again, McVay has less cachet than he possessed after winning the Super Bowl. He may want to rebuild things a bit before wandering to TV...Or maybe he realizes that years of “eff them picks” will make 2022 not an aberration but the start of a new trend for the Rams. If so, that will make McVay’s star shine even less brightly in the coming years.”

No, the Rams don’t have a first round pick and their future seems somewhat bleak. With all of that being said, the McVay core of star players are still set to return. Matthew Stafford has shot down retirement rumors and should be back healthy next season. Cooper Kupp is locked in with the team through at least 2024 when the team then has an out in his contract. Nobody seems to know what Aaron Donald is thinking, but after signing an extension last offseason, he could come back for one last run as well.

This could all change next year as Donald and potentially Stafford retire. At that point, McVay could certainly step down and move to the broadcasting world. As a competitor, McVay isn’t going to walk away from Stafford and Kupp just because the Rams went 5-11 in an injury-plagued season.

With McVay’s popularity and overall energy and charisma, there will always be interest from the media outlets. Not to mention McVay already coaching in a big media market that is Los Angeles. No playoff wins and two losing seasons didn’t shy ESPN away from signing Jon Gruden after he was fired following the 2008 season.

Much like the annual speculation and rumors or Jim Harbaugh returning to the NFL, there will be rumors of McVay leaving for broadcasting. The media companies clearly want him. While it could certainly happen in the future, the Rams will likely get McVay for at least one more season.