2023 Later round Wide Receivers with Size and Speed

I love big, fast receivers....especially when they can catch. To me, the greatest days of the Rams were the Mike Martz era team, when they had Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt, who both were in the 6'1" or 6'2" area, and ran around a 4.4 40. They ran great routes, and caught everything in reach. I'd like to see the Rams add a guy like that, and this year will be a chance. The following guys should still be there in rounds 4, 5, or 6, and maybe later than that. If you can draft someone like that in later rounds and have even a little success, it's a terrific draft pick. Ben Skowronek is a great example.

My favorite of all these guys is Zakhari Franklin, UTSA, 6'1" 190 4.49
I've seen his 40 time as low as 4.48 and as high as 4.55. All I know if he gets open....a lot....sometimes he's all by himself for a deep ball. And...he has terrific hands. Catches everything. Makes highlight reel grabs every game. And likes to block. Played at a smaller school, but had a very good game against Texas, where he repeatedly ran away from defenders and made contested, amazing catches.

Another guy I like is Rakim Jarrett, Maryland, 6'1" 195 4.43
Maryland is another smaller school, and I didn't like the QB or his offensive line all that much, but Jarrett had very good games against several Big 10 schools including Penn St and Ohio St. He's quick and fast, accelrates immediately, and catches everything. Takes big hits and hangs on to the ball, unfazed. Ohio St had some good safeties and cornerbacks, and on one play he caught a sideline pass, stiff-arms the Buckeyes safety and knocked him down, and went in for a 40-yd TD..

Another guy to watch is Trey Palmer Nebraska 6'1" 195 4.44
Nebraska's QB held on to the ball too long and didn't "throw his receivers open" like real good QBs do, or I don't know how many TDs Palmer would have had. He got open deep several times and would have to stop and wait for the ball. He's quick and fast, makes tacklers miss, and once again showed great hands.

An unsung player on Ohio State's fabulous team was Julian Fleming 6'2" 205 4.35
CJ Stroud spread the ball around a lot, and everybody got lots of chances. Fleming made plenty of plays but somehow went unnoticed while Jaxson Smith-Njigba and Marvin Harrison Jr got most of the press. But Fleming can fly, makes all the catches, got open deep frequently, and played against top competition with no drop off in performance at all. He'd definitely be worth a flyer in round 5 or 6, where he's like to be even though I think he's severely underrated.

There are a couple more. Jadon Haselwood Arkansas 6'3" 215 4.48 showed excellent hands and burst for a guy his size

And Elijah Higgins Stanford 6'3" 235 4.44 could definitely be the Rams version of Deebo Samuel with his powerful legs. He looks like a fullback catching passes, and sub-4.5 40s are nothing to sneeze at when you're that big.

In this draft, there are at least 6 or 7 more tall, fast receivers like Dontayvion Wicks from Virginia and Jonathan Mingo from Mississippi, but I feel like they'll be gone by the end of round 3, and I don't see the Rams drafting a WR that early with their other more pressing needs.

Thanks for reading.