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Rams projected to receive four compensatory picks in 2023 NFL Draft

After some heavy losses during the 2022 free agency. The Rams are projected four compensatory picks.

NFL: Detroit Lions at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Over the past few seasons, the Los Angeles Rams have done a very good job of netting compensatory picks during the NFL Draft. Last year, the Rams received three and they could once again be near the top of the NFL in most comp picks in the 2022 NFL Draft.

While more picks are a good thing, receiving compensatory picks means that the Rams are losing more than they are getting back during free agency. The way comp picks work is if a team loses more assets than it gains in a free agency period, they will be rewarded with additional draft picks the following offseason to help make up for the loss.

In February, the NFL will typically assign the official 2023 compensatory draft picks to teams based on their 2022 free agency period. Nobody knows the exact formula for how these are awarded. However, OverTheCap’s Nick Korte is considered an expert and does a pretty good job projecting these year over year.

On Tuesday, he released his final 2023 compensatory pick projection.

According to Korte, the Rams are projected to receive four compensatory picks in the upcoming draft for the losses of Darious Williams, Austin Corbett, Sebastian Joseph-Day, and Ogbonnia Okoronkwo.

Williams is projected to get the Rams their highest compensatory pick in the fourth round while Corbett nets the Rams a fifth, Joseph-Day a sixth, and Okoronkwo and seventh.

Korte does add an alternate scenario for the Rams:

“If Von Miller’s contract is ruled to cancel out Darious Williams’s contract instead of Allen Robinson’s, or Williams’s contract is valued in the 5th round, the Los Angeles Rams will get a 5th for either Miller or Williams instead of a 4th for Williams.”

As a recap, the Rams are projected to receive the following:

  • 4th round pick (Darious Williams)
  • 5th round pick (Austin Corbett)
  • 6th round pick (Sebastian Joseph-Day)
  • 7th round pick (Ogbonnia Okoronkwo)

Along with the Rams six draft picks, their compensatory picks would give them a total of 10 in the upcoming draft. Most of those selections will come on day three of the draft, but that should help them in terms of the “re-model” Les Snead discussed last week.

With their comp picks last year, the Rams selected Logan Bruss, Cobie Durant, Quentin Lake, and Derion Kendrick.

Again, these are only projections and not official. However, this gives us a good idea of what the Rams should receive in compensatory selections when the NFL releases the official list in February.