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Trading away Jalen Ramsey would be a huge mistake

All-Pro still has plenty in the tank despite so-called “down year”

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Jalen Ramsey has always been an All-Pro at the theatrics. Just after he finished up his third full season in LA, the Rams cornerback set social media ablaze with this tweet:

Seemed fairly harmless enough at the time but of course everyone had interpreted it as a sign that he had played his last game in Hollywood. Players across the league are sending Ramsey their recruiting pitches. Those pitches will only grow in number now that this little rumor is floating about the NFL landscape:

To all the Jalen Ramsey naysayers out there, I know for as much trash you talk about him, you’d be welcoming him with open arms if he was traded to your favorite team. You’d learn to love him if he wins you a Lombardi. There will always be doubters or haters and that’s okay. Proving talking heads wrong is where Ramsey shines the brightest.

Whether Jalen is fueling the rumor mill or not doesn’t matter. What does is seeking to retain him despite the significant trade value he would command. Given Ramsey is in the prime years of his career, he would provide an immediate boost to any Super Bowl hopeful. In a so-called “down” year, his production appears pretty elite to me.

Ramsey has had his down games and moments this season. Look no further than his debacle of a performance against Stefon Diggs in the opener or being spun around by Travis Kelce (replay not available). It’s not a matter of Jalen becoming burnt toast overnight. His coverage ability hasn’t magically abandoned him. Could it be that he remains an elite corner yet had an inconsistent year?

It would be a shame to get rid of such an experienced and proven playmaker. His coverage stats this season won’t blow away many outsiders but Ramsey has maintained a competitive edge that has allowed him to remain among the greats. Players that have lost their skills don’t go out and do this:

If this was a “down” year, I believe most LA fans would happily take it again in a heartbeat. Besides, shouldn’t Jalen get a chance to redeem himself if the front office believes he’s still got it? Trade value has to be mighty tempting for Les Snead following a disappointing campaign but when was the last time this organization prioritized draft capital? Moving Ramsey isn’t a move that is expected to return the team to contention according to some in the fanbase.

No matter how much these fans are pleading for the All-Pro to stay, an aggressive front office will do as they please. That’s all well and good but I can say that the Los Angeles Rams potentially trading away Jalen Ramsey would be a huge mistake.

I’m hoping Ramsey will agree will me next season by responding with the best year of his career. Knowing him, I wouldn’t expect anything less.