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ESPN ranks Rams 2022 rookie class 31st in the NFL

Rams rookie class ranks among worst in the NFL

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Rams 2022 rookie class left a lot to be desired by the end of the season. While players like Cobie Durant certainly stepped up and showed promise late, the rest of the class had disappointing rookie campaigns.

ESPN’s Aaron Schatz and Alex Vigderman ranked the rookie classes 1-32 and the Rams came in among the worst at number 31. Here’s what they had to say:

“The Rams didn’t pick until the third round of last year’s draft and then saw that player, guard Logan Bruss, go down with an ACL tear in the preseason. Instead, their most active rookie was cornerback Cobie Durant, who started playing the nickel at midseason. Durant has allowed just 5.3 yards per target with three interceptions. Another cornerback, sixth-rounder Derion Kendrick, started early in the season but allowed a frightening 10.0 yards per target and eventually got benched. Safety Russ Yeast was active in the run game when he was on the field, but he wasn’t on the field very much, just 12% of defensive snaps in games he was active.”

Let’s take a look at the Rams haul from the 2022 class:

  • 3rd round - OL Logan Bruss - ACL tear
  • 4th round - DB Cobie Durant - 1 start, 7 defensive appearances
  • 5th round - RB Kyren Williams - Hurt, 35 carries for 139 yards
  • 6th round - DB Quentin Lake - 63 defensive snaps
  • 6th round - DB Derion Kendrick - Benched
  • 7th round - EDGE Daniel Hardy - 41 defensive snaps
  • 7th round - DB Russ Yeast - 1 start, 7 defensive appearances
  • 7th round - OL AJ Arcuri - 1 start, 2 offensive appearances

The Rams have been a team known for trading away draft picks. When they do this, it makes it that much more important to hit on their picks throughout the draft in the later rounds. While it’s hard to evaluate Bruss, the rest of these players are still up in the air or are players not worth building around.

Durant looks like the only true contributor from this group and you could argue that he wasn’t even the right defensive back to take at that spot. Tariq Woolen was selected 11 picks later and made a Pro Bowl with the Seattle Seahawks. If the Rams are going to continue to compete and build up the depth on their roster, they need to hit on their draft picks.

It’s hard to feel good about the Rams rookie class moving forward. If the Rams go into 2023 with Bruss as the starting right guard, that wouldn’t instill a lot of confidence in the offensive line making improvements next season.

Nick Scott and Taylor Rapp are both free agents this offseason. While Yeast got much-needed experience at the end of the year, it’s hard to see the Rams secondary making improvements if he’s considered a viable replacement.

Les Snead and co. will have 10 picks in the upcoming draft. It’s worth noting that a majority of those selections will come on day three where it’s harder to find contributing players. The lack of return in the draft has been a serious problem for the Rams in their last two or three classes.

The 2022 draft class for the Rams still has time to grow into something. Players do take time to develop. However, following their rookie season, it doesn’t look promising.