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Why I think Sean McVay will stay with the Rams for at least four more years

Hold the phone a little longer for the McVay retirement rumors

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Even before Sean McVay’s Los Angeles Rams won Super Bowl LVI, rumors about the brilliant offensive-minded head coach have been floated about a transition to a job in broadcasting. Rumors that McVay hasn’t shied away from, calling the interest as “flattering” prior to L.A.’s season finale against the Seattle Seahawks.

McVay took time after the season to decide his future, taking several days before ultimately telling the Rams that he still wants to be the head coach in 2023. How long can Rams fans expect that to last?

When will Sean McVay actually leave for TV broadcasting?

I believe that McVay will stay with the Rams through at least the 2026 season.

Sean McVay is the type of person that has shown loyalty and gratitude to the organizations that have given him opportunities at a young age. Mike Shanahan, Jon Gruden, and Jay Gruden were the prominent names that helped open doors for McVay. Sean often describes how appreciative he was of his grandfather John McVay and being around the game of football as a kid.

When McVay took the job as head coach of the Rams, he was committed to creating a culture change and “We not Me” became an organizational motto and catch phrase on locker room walls, meeting room doors, and player apparel. McVay was insistent on making sure nothing could tear apart the culture.

McVay leaving for a TV job would be a rash and altering move. And I believe that McVay is the type of person that is waiting to make the move (if he ever wants to) when the timing is right for his own family and the Los Angeles Rams organization.

It takes loyalty and patience to turn down a 5-year, $100 million offer from Amazon Prime after already winning a Super Bowl.

Loyalty to the Los Angeles Rams organization…

I don’t see McVay leaving until at least after the 2026 season because he could be leaving in the middle of the Cooper Kupp and Matthew Stafford’s contracts if he stopped before then. Both of those contracts are aligned and set to expire after the 2026 season, so that could at least be the plan even though player contracts are not guaranteed. Stafford’s is at least guaranteed through 2024. McVay has often been tied to the Rams careers of Stafford, Kupp, Aaron Donald, and Jalen Ramsey, so it is possible that they are all committed to each other for as long as none of them leave. All are under contract through at least 2024.

If McVay can make it to the end of his current contract, he will have spent 10 years as an NFL head coach, a reasonable timeline to say that you gave it everything you had before taking a well-deserved break.

Current TV Networks & Broadcaster Agreements

One of the biggest pieces in a career change from coaching to the broadcast booth would involve an opening for a TV network. Currently, the five major networks and their broadcasters include:

AMAZON (TNF) - Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit

  • Al Michael deal ends after 2024 season
  • Kirk Herbstreit deal is undisclosed

CBS - Jim Nantz and Tony Romo

  • Tony Romo deal ends after 2030 season
  • Jim Nantz deal is undisclosed

FOX - Greg Olsen and Kevin Burkhardt (and eventually Tom Brady…)

  • Greg Olson deal is temporary
  • Kevin Burkhardt deal is undisclosed (long-term deal as of 2022)
  • *Tom Brady deal is a 10-year contract immediately after playing

NBC (SNF) - Mike Tirico and Cris Collinsworth

  • Mike Tirico deal length is undisclosed
  • Chris Collinsworth deal length is undisclosed

ESPN (MNF) - Troy Aikman and Joe Buck

  • Both deals end after 2026 season

NFL: Super Bowl LVI-Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Amazon will likely circle back around after the 2024 season to make another offer, potentially wanting to pair Al Michaels and McVay. But if McVay wants a broadcasting job, would he rather have a Monday Night Football gig or the Thursday Night Football slot? We don’t know.

All we know right now is that Sean McVay is committed to another season with the Los Angeles Rams and it won’t have to be addressed again until we know how 2023 ends. Would a second Super Bowl championship give McVay reason to leave? Would losing make it harder to walk away? We won’t know until we know, McVay not know until he knows, but I believe that he signed his contract through 2026 with the intention to stay.