Observations: Week One

  • Stafford was fine. Not much he can do with the constant pressure in his face. Definitely needs to spread the ball more and take shorter completions.
  • Akers not winning the job is alarming. It means he isn’t as good as we thought or hoped he would be. And Kyren is hurt again. Our RB group is all of a sudden a weakness.
  • Hendo was fine. Did what he could with a free rusher every damn attempt. Was capable in the passing game. But can he stay healthy?
  • Allen Robinson was invisible. Was he simply not open or is this an OBJ type of deal where it will take time for chemistry to develop?
  • Kupp is one of two bright spots on the entire team. I’ll get to the other later. But he can’t keep being the entire passing game. Felt like the Super Bowl again.
  • Higbee…left a lot to be desired. As he often does.
  • Skowronek did about as well as a late round player can be expected to. We def need VJ back.
  • I said it early and often during training camp even when our TST writers were gassing him up: Tutu is not a pro football player. Too small and tentative. The off-season hype was hilarious to me. Powell was better in a similar role. Much better.
  • Offensive line was abysmal. Won’t go into it much since we already have ad nauseam. Everyone but Havenstein was trash. Period. Noteboom looked lost, beaten regularly. Allen no push as usual. Beginning to think Edwards deficiencies were masked by playing next to Big Whit. This line needs to play better or the playoffs are out of the question.
  • Donald was Donald. Nothing to see here. A’Shawn was solid too.
  • As I feared, outside pass rush was lacking. Was Floyd on the field? Lewis made a nice play at one point. His health also in question long term.
  • Troy Hill was good with a smooth pick. I saw Long get toasted on that TD. How long before we see Rochell? We need athleticism, size, and speed.
  • Ramsey was roasted all game. Is it because of the horrid soft zone? Or is he falling off?
  • Fuller was meh. I’ve never been as high on him as many of you are here at TST. Rapp appeared lost as he often does. Minimal football IQ it seems. Which brings me to my second and final stand out player:
  • Nick "Gunshot" Scott. The dude always around the football and seems to be the only player in our secondary who lays the wood. Great fumble forced by him.
  • Wagner looked okay. I think with him it’s a case of getting back into game shape. Def seemed a step slow at times but I’m not giving up on him yet. EJ seemed to make a few tackles. Didn’t watch him much admittedly.
  • Matt Gay nailed his one deep kick. Dixon seemed okay. Jury still out.

Overall, McVay needs to realize his offensive line will struggle at times this season. Game plan needs to adjust accordingly. Rollouts, screens, extra OL, 12 personnel, and/or implement a quick passing game as the Bills did. He’s a great coach and I fully expect him to work things out. He always does. Morris also needs to find a better way. This soft zone bend don’t break crap does not work against a good QB. It’s free yardage all the way down the field. Having said all that I’ve said, it was as pathetic of a performance I’ve seen from the McVay Rams. But it’s week one. I’ve learned over the years that it’s the worst week to assess in-depth. With no preseason, there’s rust and chemistry issues with new additions. I’m not overreacting. I trust our staff and veterans to steer the ship. I’ll be in LA next week to watch this team regroup and adjust against the Falcons. Onward and upward, long season ahead.