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Rams-Bills INSTANT REACTION SHOW: Uh, what the hell happened!

Josh Allen does Josh Allen things during second half blowout in SoFi Stadium

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Los Angeles Rams went 1-0 in the most important game of the season last year—the Super Bowl—but start 0-1 to open the 2022 campaign. And the only thing really left to say about losing to the Buffalo Bills 31-10 at home might just be....”What happened?”

Such as:

  • What happened to the Allen Robinson hype after he caught one pass for 12 yards?
  • What happened to Cam Akers in training camp that resulted in him getting zero yards on three carries?
  • What happened to getting starters and key role players prepared to play in the regular season by getting live reps in the preseason?
  • What happened with Bobby Wagner and Ernest Jones in coverage?
  • What happened to the days when quarterbacks were afraid to throw at Jalen Ramsey?
  • What happened to Sean McVay’s 5-0 record in Week 1 games?
  • What happened to home field advantage?
  • What happened to Jordan Fuller being a key starting safety with green dot duties?
  • What happened with the plug-and-play plan for Joe Noteboom to fit right in as the replacement for Andrew Whitworth as the Rams allowed seven sacks, the most ever under Sean McVay?

There were so many “What happened?” moments that it was definitely time for another INSTANT REACTION SHOW featuring myself, JB Scott, and Chris Daniel. Watch the full show on YouTube now or hold tight until it is released on the podcast streams: