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Los Angeles Rams vs Buffalo Bills, Week 1: 4th quarter game thread

The Bills lead the Rams 17 to 10 with one quarter to go!

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Rams Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Rams went 3 and out to start the 3rd quarter. The Buffalo Bills took advantage with a Josh Allen touchdown pass to Isaiah Mckenzie giving the Bills a 17-10 lead.

Von Miller recorded his third sack of the game and Matthew Stafford sailed a pass on 3rd and long to nowhere. This led to another Rams punt and another Bills offensive possession.

The Bills are driving as we enter the 4th and final quarter of the first game of the NFL season!

The Rams are going to need to mount a comeback to find a way to win this game!

Talk about the game with other Rams fans right here at Turf Show Times and please go ahead and rec your favorite game thread comments so we can identify the top comments after the game! Go Rams!