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Random Ramsdom: Aaron Donald doesn’t want to talk about the ‘brawl’ anymore

Rams News for 9/6/2022: Stafford getting the respect he deserves?

NFL: Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The L.A. Rams and Buffalo Bills are now just two days shy of a regular season NFL opener. Here are today’s links!

Los Angeles Rams star Aaron Donald brushes off practice fight, vows ‘my main focus is Buffalo’

Speaking for the first time in a media session since his role in the fight that ended the second day of joint practices between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals, Aaron Donald said he is happy no one got hurt, but that he wants to focus on Week 1.

“My main focus is Buffalo right now,” Donald said. “I’m happy nobody got hurt in the practice and whatever, but my main focus is Thursday night against Buffalo.”

Rams star Aaron Donald doesn’t want to talk about the helmet-swinging brawl with Bengals

Aaron Donald doesn’t want to talk about the wild helmet-swinging brawl he was involved in last month.

The Los Angeles Rams star, who was seen seemingly at the center of the fightduring a joint practice between the Cincinnati Bengals last month, didn’t want to get into any specifics on Monday afternoon.

Don’t tell them, but the Rams are going to repeat

Can the Rams win the Super Bowl again?

I say they can. They say, “Defend the what now?” Or put them under oath and it’ll be: “I do not recall.”

Because the first rule of the Super Bowl Champions Club is… you do not talk about your Super Bowl championship.

You don’t wear your ring around. Don’t rock your team’s championship merch. And most definitely, don’t mention it.

‘I Can Never Hate LA’: Von Miller Remembers Rams as Bills Visit Looms

The future Hall-of-Famer, already an intimidating prescience as is, will obviously, undoubtedly be searching for a victory when he and his new Western New York employers descend upon his former SoFi Stadium offense on Thursday night (5:20 p.m. PT, NBC). But the opponent won’t make things any sweeter, as Miller isn’t taking things personally, a stark Week 1 contrast to Carolina quarterback Baker Mayfield’s potential mindset upon his return to Cleveland.

Isn’t he great? Even with a ring, Matthew Stafford hasn’t earned super respect

The last time most in Los Angeles saw Matthew Stafford with his teammates, he appeared drunk.

The last time most in Los Angeles heard from Matthew Stafford, he was talking about his sore arm.

The last time most in Los Angeles checked out Matthew Stafford’s name in a quarterback poll, he was ranked in the second tier.