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Rams-49ers Week 4 fantasy predictions: Should you start Allen Robinson this week?

Hopefully Cam Akers builds off last week and Cooper Kupp keeps scoring touchdowns.

NFL: NFC Championship-San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The fantasy predictions below are not to be used by anyone, and the predictors themselves should not be held responsible for any fantasy mistakes and or fantasy decisions made by others. When setting your own lineup please use your own judgement. It’s your team, have fun with it.

The fun (and torment) of fantasy is you never know. Last week I said Allen Robinson wouldn’t catch a touchdown, and I was right, but I shouldn’t have been because he missed two chances at a touchdown in the first quarter. I said Cam Akers was going to have two rushing touchdowns, and I was wrong, but I was so close to being right. Cam fumbled on the 1-yard line.

That’s fantasy football. Hopefully you get more calls right than wrong and that’s how you win!

The Rams placed Van Jefferson on IR this past weekend, but he may be back this year. We’re adding Ben Skowronek to our projection list below, though I wouldn’t expect big fantasy numbers, yet.

Players being looked at: Matthew Stafford, Darrell Henderson, Cam Akers, Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, Ben Skowronek and Tyler Higbee

QB Matthew Stafford

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 19

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 300 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT

Why: Matthew Stafford threw 4 regular season interceptions against the 49ers last year. He’s thrown 5 this season already. Hopefully Stafford can utilize the run game with some timely passing, otherwise he’s liable to throw more than 2 picks. I’m rooting for him though! I’m a Rams fan, I’m going to start him in a league (I’m 0-3 in that league, it’s rough). Go Rams!

RB Darrell Henderson

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 32

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 8 carries for 40 yards, 3 receptions for 20 yards.

Why: I think Henderson gets some run (and some pass) in this one. When heathy Henderson can show great burst, hands and I think that he helps the Rams put together a few really nice plays. I still don’t think he’s someone you want to start in fantasy this week.

RB Cam Akers

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 15

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 15 carries for 60 yards and 1 touchdown and 3 catches for 20 yards.

Why: I mentioned earlier that Cam Akers fumbled on the 1-yard line. Sean McVay praised Cam in the post-game press conference, and said that he’d of given Cam the ball again in that game (if the offense took the field again). Overall, McVay seemed to express that Cam looked good, and Cam did look really good! Except for that fumble. We’ll see how Coach McVay really feels on Sunday. If Cam does have a big game, then I think we’ll have something to really be excited about going forward.

WR Cooper Kupp

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 5

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 10 catches 120 yards and a touchdown

Why: Though Cooper Kupp scored the first rushing touchdown of his career last week, I expected a lot more (he and Stafford missed connecting on a deep shot for what might’ve been a score) and I expect that Kupp will be Stafford’s most reliable target (as usual). The Rams should be able to put together a couple drives and Stafford to Kupp will be the biggest reason why.

WR Allen Robinson

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 30

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 4 catches, 40 yards.

Why: I really want Allen Robinson to be a steady top 20 (or even top 30) fantasy receiver and he hasn’t been that. He and Stafford don’t seem in sync. Last week Stafford threw a slant to Robinson in the endzone and it looked like Robinson dropped it, many would say he did drop it (seeing that made me miss Odell Beckam Jr.). Speaking of drops, I still wouldn’t drop Robinson, but the fact we have to say that is not ideal. Hoping things turn around for him.

Ben Skowronek

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 50

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 3 catches for 25 yards and 1 carry for 5 yards.

Why: “Benny Sko” seems like the WR3 for the Rams, so maybe I should have higher expectations. The Rams really seemed to hold out hope for Van Jefferson though, and that makes me think they really wanted Van back. Maybe Skowronek does different things for the offense and that’s great for the NFL Rams! It could also mean the Rams know that he’s not the deep threat that Jefferson is, and that may not be as good for Fantasy Rams. I could be wrong. I am willing to adjust this if we start seeing Benny take off. I hope he does. It’d be fascinating if Benny becomes more reliable than Robinson.

Tyler Higbee

Predicted Fantasy Position Ranking for Week 4: 11

Week 4 Stat Prediction: 4 catches for 40 yards.

Why: Tyler Higbee had 4 catches for 61 yards last week with zero touchdowns (I predicted 6 catches for 50 yards with a touchdown) and I obviously got the call wrong because he didn’t catch a touchdown, but Higbee has been putting together a decent season. He’s caught 16 receptions for 171 yards. He also has zero touchdowns, so his floor is solid and you probably won’t get zero points for starting him this week, but he seems like a low scoring fantasy tight end for now. If you need the points, start him, if you need A LOT of points, then maybe look elsewhere.

Defensive Player for Independent Defensive Leagues

I have no intention of talking about a defensive fantasy player every week but for anyone who plays IDP (Independent Defensive Players) I just wanted to shout out Aaron Donald, who secured his 100th career sack last Sunday against the Cardinals. Congratulations to the future Hall of Famer!

Some notable opposing fantasy players for this game: As a Rams fan, I can’t deny how talented Deebo Samuel is and he always seems to bring his best against the Rams (5 touchdowns in 6 games), he can run, he can catch, he’s really good. He’s a must start when healthy. Kittle too, start him, he came back from injury last week and I expect he only gets better from here. A dart throw would be Brandon Aiyuk. He caught a touchdown last week and he and Jimmy Garoppolo do seem to have a connection. Hopefully you have better options than Brandon. Hopefully the Rams D doesn’t allow any of these players to do anything!

Good luck in your fantasy leagues this week. Go Rams!