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NFC West Update: Who is the biggest divisional threat to the Rams?

How does the division compare after two weeks?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The NFC West has been a mixed bag to start the 2022 season. Through two weeks, every team in the division sits at 1-1 in the standings.

For a division that appeared to be the Los Angeles Rams for the taking all offseason long, why doesn’t it feel that way anymore?

LA nearly fell victim to the 28-3 curse against the Falcons. They have a 21-point blowout loss to a Super Bowl favorite and a near collapse to a rebuilding squad on their resume. Suddenly, the defending champs don’t look so high and mighty.

I do believe that the Rams will get their act together eventually. They have far too much talent and experience at their disposal not to. Los Angeles just appears to be recovering from the dreaded Super Bowl hangover at the moment.

As for the other divisional frenemies, the Seahawks are about as bad as everyone had anticipated. Save for a fluky win over the Broncos in which Denver beat themselves more than Seattle ever could, it’s just nice to know they’ll be the bottom feeder we expected. Yes, I’m trashing the Hawks even after they had introduced their exciting new addition at wideout:

Arizona has started incredibly slow in both of their games. By some miracle from the heavens, that didn’t cost them against the Raiders. The Cardinals have definitely taken a step back after stumbling into the playoffs a year ago. Losing Chandler Jones is a major reason why.

So who poses the greatest threat to the LA’s divisional chances this season?

Here’s a clue: they share the same state as the Rams and they’re a huge pain in the @$$.

If you’re still lost, the answer is San Francisco as they will be the NFC West team to give LA the most fits. (What else is new?)

Losing Trey Lance was unfortunate but the 49ers are a better team with Jimmy G at the helm. As much as everyone loves to crap on the guy (myself included), SF has had plenty of success with him and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Shanahan’s team should their injuries stay to a minimum. Don’t believe me? Well, this should tell you everything:

Their success with such a b**** at QB makes me sick. Even though the Niners look the most consistent through the first couple weeks, I do think a certain 49ers blog is getting a little too full of themselves:

Honestly, who could blame them for feeling this way? Their defense is performing like a top-five unit and they sadly have one of the best rosters in the NFL.

Seriously, it’s sickening.

However, I would love to see the looks on their faces if the Rams win the division for the second-consecutive year. If my parents can handle massive disappointment, so can they.

As of this moment, I’m most worried about the 49ers in the NFC West. I’m a little less scared of the Cardinals now especially after this absolutely bizarre tweet they sent out:

Sunday’s game should make for an odd lover’s quarrel.